Current Research

APM has a broad range of research initiatives and activities that are open for you and your organisation to engage with at any one time.

Sponsored research fund

The APM Research Fund has been setup within the Research Programme to provide funding for small-scale research projects or to provide seed funding for larger research projects. 

Current research

APM has approved the following studies from the APM Research Fund:

APM commissioned research 

Feedback from APM’s research review highlighted a role for APM in helping to identify and explore the latest trends affecting the successful delivery of projects, programmes and portfolios. 

Through commissioning independent research and studies APM aims to inform and support the wider project management community by providing insight into the challenges and future research requirements facing organisations and individuals alike.

Current student research

APM are keen to support the research of students at all levels regarding the management of projects. For the latest student research please click here.

Research and academic events

APM research supports relevant research events and conferences which seek to advance the current and future understandings of the management of projects. By attending academic and research conferences and by sharing the key findings and emergent trends with practitioners, APM aims to support the dissemination of cutting edge research from academia to industry. This is something which APM members highlighted as a crucial area of focus.  Previous examples include sponsorship and support of key academic and research related conferences such as IRNOP 2015.

If you are interested in research or academic events, you may also be interested in reading more about the APM Education Network, which facilitates the development of project management thinking, learning and practice in academic institutions. The network includes lecturers, trainers, researchers and students and practitioners interested in the field of education. The network offers a hub through which ideas are exchanged, meeting the needs of the project management education and research communities.

Do you have any forthcoming research events we should be aware of?

If you have any forthcoming research events that would be of interest to APM, its members and the wider project management community, we would like to hear from you so that we can share the opportunity of attendance or findings arising from the event.  For more information please contact:

*Please note that these events would be covered by the APM Third Party Events Policy in that it will aim to support all events which are within the profession’s sphere of interest. The nature of that support will be proportionate to the degree to which the event supports APM and the profession’s objectives.

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