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As an individual member of APM, the Chartered body for the project profession, you receive a wide range of benefits, including access to a bank of resources. These benefits are designed to enhance your professional status, improve your career prospects and enable you to contribute to the development of the project profession.

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What is project management?

Take a look at APM's most-watched video on the fundamentals of project management - or visit the 'What is project management?' area, especially useful for those new to the profession. 

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APM Body of Knowledge online

The APM Body of Knowledge online is a growing digital resource from APM featuring project management definitions, diagrams and a glossary of APM terms.

Users can search 69 topic areas on all aspects of projects, programmes and portfolios. 

Read more about the people and skills associated with professional project management, and how the project manager works within the wider business and other management areas. 

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APM, the Chartered body for the project profession, publishes a growing range of books and guides, from general to specific interest topics, as well as study guides, available for purchase.

Members can download many APM publications for free in the members' area. Ebooks are also available to purchase.

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How can I learn more about project management?

APM's library is a dedicated project management resource to help you on your journey to becoming a professional project manager. Inside you'll find guides, articles, white papers and research reports.

The content is free to download or free to register.

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APM Project journal

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Latest publications

Guide to Contracts & Procurement

APM Guide to Contracts and Procurement: For Project, Programme and Portfolio Managers offers a basic understanding of ‘how to’ procure sub-project works and to manage delivery through the phases of the procurement life cycle.

The guide breaks down the process of procurement of significant packages of work into individual stages. This enables the busy project manager to swiftly understand the key points required at the outset, or mid-flight, when corrective action may be needed.

Each stage includes an easy-to-follow flow diagram, including the necessary inputs and outputs.

Created by a panel of authors with hands-on experience, the guide is aimed at project professionals and stakeholders within organisations e.g. financial officers, who wish to increase their awareness of how sub-projects can be procured.

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Readers may also be interested in APM Body of Knowledge 6th edition and Governance of Co-Owned Projects.

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APM Salary and Market Trends Survey 2017

APM’s annual Salary and Market Trends Survey is the largest survey of its kind in the UK. This year’s survey, run in collaboration with Wellingtone Project Management, saw almost 5,000 project professionals, the highest number to date.  

The aim of the survey 

The survey allows APM to gain a better understanding of the profession, where there are skills gaps, how people are accessing the profession and the key characteristics of the project management role. The results also give an insight into the earning potential of project managers, where the highest salaries are paid and what roles are best paid in different industries. 

Insights into the project management profession
This year showed high levels of confidence in the project management sector with over 60 per cent of respondents expecting a pay rise in the next 12 months, while 80 per cent claimed to be either satisfied or very satisfied in their current role. 

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