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The road to Chartered series

The papers aim to give members and other interested stakeholders a greater insight into what becoming Chartered means,” said David Thomson. “They will also help explain the transformation APM is experiencing as it evolves into a fully-fledged Chartered body.”

The case of millennials 

A key part of the development of the profession of project management, as it evolves to Chartered status, is the need to embrace the values and energy of the millennial generation. The sixth paper in APM’s “Road to Chartered Series” looks at how millennials can be part of this drive to build a Chartered profession.

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The project profession and climate change

Following the publication of the interim National Infrastructure Assessment (NIA) which explores the need to eliminate carbon emissions from energy and waste, Professor Peter Morris has produced the report Climate Change and what the project profession should be doing about it: a UK perspective, calling on the project management profession to lead on climate change.

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Telegraph supplement: Agile

APM’s latest research report, Can agile be scaled? by Sue Clarke, featured in a special supplement in the Sunday Telegraph and you can read the article here.

Susan Clarke will be talking on "The practicalities of adopting scaled agile methodologies" at the National Women in Project Management Conference, to be held in London on Thursday 28 September.

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APM Monthly Monitor

APM’s External Affairs team has created a short Monthly Monitor covering developments in project management research, politics and parliament, policy and research reports – in addition to developments across think-tanks, research institutes, Chartered bodies and learned societies more generally.

The Monthly Monitor for October, covering the months of August and September, is a convenient way to quickly gain an insight into what is currently happening across the profession and what is soon to come.


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Stewart Longhurst
Matthew Gordon

Reasons to be cheerful

Project management matters. I don't need to persuade you of that. But what I may need to convince you of is the reason to be optimistic. Not only do we act as professional custodians of a vast amount of spending, but we also hold the reputations of vast organisations in our care. By Mike Clayton

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Trust me, I'm a project manager

Taking on your Chartered status will, APM hopes, give you much more power as a project manager. But, as with everything, there is a downside, and this one is huge. With great power comes great responsibility. At this moment, ‘Chartered project manager’ doesn’t really have fully formed brand values and attributes. What you do will shape the world’s perception of the brand. By Eddie Obeng

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