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The road to Chartered series

What does it mean to be Chartered for individual APM members and the profession at large? This central question will be the subject of a series of thought-leadership papers released over the forthcoming months, aimed at exploring the opportunities and obligations facing the newly Chartered APM.

 “The papers aim to give members and other interested stakeholders a greater insight into what becoming Chartered means,” said David Thomson. “They will also help explain the transformation APM is experiencing as it evolves into a fully-fledged Chartered body.”

The growing significance of CPD - Ensuring professionalism in a dynamic and changing workplace

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The future of project management

Future of Project Management (FoPM) is a partnership and collaboration between Arup, APM and The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management at UCL, as well as crowd-sourced inputs from the global project management community, examining the global drivers shaping the long term future of project management and their implications. Read more...

Apprenticeships: An employers guide

APM’s new guide to apprenticeships aims to help employers navigate the new apprenticeships levy and apprenticeships more generally. It is also relevant to small business owners as it explains how to make the best use of the resources available from APM and the employer apprenticeship trailblazer standards. 

As more employers look to broaden the talent pool and apprenticeships increase in numbers within the project profession, this guidance document provides assistance on how to make the best use of apprenticeships as well as details on the forthcoming apprenticeship levy.

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Special focus on apprentices: 

At the age of 18, having just finished A-Levels, the reality of having to face, and step into, the big wide world was a scary one but what a fantastic journey it has been so far thanks to Lloyds Banking Group’s amazing apprenticeship scheme. 

I chose an apprenticeship instead of going to university as the idea of earning a salary, gaining an industry-recognised qualification and learning on-the-job thoroughly excited me.

Maybe in the future I would have considered becoming a project manager but never did I ever imagine at the age I am I would be on this path...

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Reasons to be cheerful

Project management matters. I don't need to persuade you of that. But what I may need to convince you of is the reason to be optimistic. Not only do we act as professional custodians of a vast amount of spending, but we also hold the reputations of vast organisations in our care. By Mike Clayton

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Trust me, I'm a project manager

Taking on your Chartered status will, APM hopes, give you much more power as a project manager. But, as with everything, there is a downside, and this one is huge. With great power comes great responsibility. At this moment, ‘Chartered project manager’ doesn’t really have fully formed brand values and attributes. What you do will shape the world’s perception of the brand. By Eddie Obeng

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