Finalists - Programme of the Year Award 2022

The APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition defines a programme as “a unique and transient strategic endeavour undertaken to achieve a beneficial change and incorporating a group of related projects and business-as-usual activities.”  

Our programme of the year award is presented to the team that has achieved excellence in delivery of a programme which has achieved successful outcomes. Some or all of the benefits should be shown to have been achieved during the last year in order for the programme to be eligible for this award. 

We require entrants to these categories to produce a submission of up to 3,000 words detailing how they have met the judging criteria for that category. Entrants may also submit up to four supporting images or graphics only (no text apart from captions). Video and audio is not accepted as part of the submission. 

The programme of the year category consists of two stages, the first stage is the written submission mentioned above and the second stage requires all finalists to present virtually to a panel of judges.  

Judges will award the team whose programme has demonstrated the most effective use of programme management techniques, achieved the greatest results, and provided evidence of innovation and lessons learned for the profession. Programmes from all sectors, and from across the globe, may apply. 

Congratulations to all our finalists listed in this category below ...


PROJECT: Anguilla Programme, Governor's Office Anguilla
ENTERED BY: Rob Somers, Governor's Office Anguilla

Anguilla is the most northerly Caribbean Island with a population of around 15,000 people. On 6 September 2017, Hurricane IRMA hit Anguilla with winds of 185 mph. The immediate impact was devastating, inflicting major damages to the island’s critical national infrastructure. Due to the extensive damage, in November 2017 a £60M grant funding was approved to rebuild Anguilla. The UK Government and the Government of Anguilla signed a Memorandum of Understanding that established the terms to rebuild critical infrastructure in Anguilla over the financial years 2018-2022. This became known as the Anguilla Programme, and this is its story.


PROJECT: Afghanistan evacuation, Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR)
ENTERED BY: Simon Richmond Davies, Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR)

Overseas Supply Services Limited (OSSL), a KBR company, delivered a remote complex programme, using a 900 strong multinational workforce supporting the NATO Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, this has recently won our 2021 KBR CEO Award for Health, Safety Security and Excellence. The programme provided airfield services across four of the five main coalition sites: Kandahar, Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif and Kabul. This programme concluded in August 2022, when we had to evacuate our last 150 personnel, alongside 120,000 evacuees from 20 different countries, from Kabul. Our PM and operational team worked alongside the military under intense crisis project management pressure


PROJECT: Lloyds / BT - Next Generation Network Programme, BT
ENTERED BY: James Crane, BT

The Lloyds Banking Group and BT – Next Generation Network (NGN) delivery programme has delivered transformational benefits to the Bank and its customers. The programme has implemented significant improvements to the Banks network infrastructure, including enhancements through the delivery of new automation and security capabilities. Establishing a clear and highly effective organisational design, reporting and governance model, has ensured the programme has been proactively managed throughout driving an ethos of continuous improvement. This highly complex and vast programme delivered within a highly regulated environment has been hugely successful, with 129 out of 131 delivery milestones achieved on or ahead of plan.


PROJECT: Partners in transformation: Openreach and Accenture, Accenture
ENTERED BY: Craig Nottage, Accenture

Openreach, part of BT, is rolling out fibre-optic broadband across the UK. Its goal is to connect 25m homes by 2026 – and Openreach’s 12,000 strong Fibre and Network Delivery (FND) unit is responsible for making it happen. To help meet this target, and reduce costs, FND and Accenture forged a unique collaboration to create “Rubix”: an organisation-wide digital transformation. Though implemented at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rubix has led to a doubling of connected homes – without needing extra engineers. It has reduced costs by over £140m annually. Most importantly, employee satisfaction has increased, while complaints are down 90%.


PROJECT: Shell Trinidad and Tobago Integrated Gas Project Programme, Shell
ENTERED BY: Eric Gerberding, Shell

The Shell Trinidad & Tobago (STTL) Programme delivered four critical offshore gas projects almost entirely through the COVID-19 pandemic. The successful outcome resulted in combined gas production that will help sustain the Trinidad & Tobago (TT) market, enable power for the country, allow excess gas to be exported to drastically undersupplied global markets, and enable future growth and development for the country. Delivery required collaboration and innovations in global virtual work, including utilization of Digital Twins (DT), to overcome significant logistical challenges of closed airports, resource and cost reductions, demobilizations, and conflicting priorities.

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