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Victoria RichardsVictoria Richards

Head of Profession for Project Management, Jacobs

Victoria has over 25 years’ experience in the nuclear industry. With a First Honours M.Eng in Chemical Engineering, and a Fellow of the IChemE, Victoria has progressed her career in Project Management, and is now Head of Profession for Project Management at Jacobs. In her role, Victoria oversees approximately 900 employees across the project management professional network and APM Community of Practice, supporting recruitment and retention, skills development and training of the Project Management capability. Victoria directs the Project Management graduate programme and has recently introduced Project Management apprenticeships into the business.

Victoria has a passion for inspiring new talent, focussing on social impact and positive mental health. Victoria established the Award Winning Industrial Work Experience workshop to inspire the next generation in project delivery. Victoria has won the IChemE Energy award and ICE Telford Medal for the innovative thorium reactor design project she led, working with Nobel Prize winner Professor Carlo Rubbia and presenting at many prestigious conferences including the Royal Institution in London.