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Dr Mohamed Abadi 

Lecturer in Management of Projects at the University of Manchester

Dr Mohamed Abadi is a lecturer in ‘Management of Projects (MoP)’, and director of the MoP group of master programmes at the University of Manchester. He has worked in different academic institutions in the UK and Middle East and has expertise in construction management research; especially, sustainable construction, circular economy, risk management, and virtual team working.

He is aware of current environmental challenges and climate change concerns about sustainability in all economy sectors. He believes the situation requires collaboration across disciplines and engagement with research and communities beyond university walls.

His recent APM-funded research project proposed and empirically validated a pioneering framework of indicators to assess circularity of building design proposals.

His other research works investigated the impact of sustainability-related activities on health and safety of workers, and dynamics of circular supply chains in construction. He has developed knowledge, expertise, and a track record of publications relevant to these topics.