Projecting the Future is a big conversation about the future of project management, involving project professionals, senior decision makers like sponsors and policy makers, and other stakeholders affected by the future of the profession.

We will be publishing insights on some major changes transforming our world, from AI and robots, to climate change, to the 100-year human life. 

At every stage we want to hear from you: the future will only be shaped through collaboration.



Up to 800 million jobs globally could be automated by 2030

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 The UK is committed to cutting CO2 emissions by 80 per cent by 2050

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10 million people alive in the UK today can expect to live to 100

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The UK market for autonomous vehicles could be worth £52bn by 2035

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Global spending on smart cities could hit $135bn by 2021

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Four out of five UK businesses need more high-level skills in the years ahead

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Whatever your role, your organisation or your career stage, we want to hear your views about the future of the project profession. We also want your examples of innovative practice from projects that are adapting to a fast-changing world, so we can develop case studies to share across the project community.

Have your say in our LinkedIn discussion below. 

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