What is the APM Competence Framework?

The APM Competence Framework sets out the competences required for effective project, programme, portfolio management and project management office (PMO). 

The framework consists of 27 competences based around outcomes that project professionals need to achieve. Each competence includes a series of criteria covering knowledge and the application.

It also includes a Ratings Scale, a simple 5-point scoring system for assessing performance against the application and knowledge criteria (aware, practiced, competent, proficient and expert).

Why use the APM Competence Framework?

The APM Competence Framework provides a useful tool for individuals, teams and managers alike when faced with questions such as:

  • What should I be able to do in my new role?
  • How can I further my career and get to the next stage?
  • How can we be sure that we select the right person for the job?
  • What can I do to make sure that quality standards are maintained within my team?
  • What learning and development do I need to provide for my staff?

Who will benefit from the APM Competence Framework? 

The APM Competence Framework will benefit individuals, organisations and training providers within the project, programme, portfolio management and PMO profession. It is relevant across all sectors, projects and organisations regardless of their size, complexity and geographical location.

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Role Profiles

APM has developed example Role Profiles to help you focus on those competences relevant to your situation.

The examples show how meaningful role profiles can be developed according to the specific needs of individuals, teams and employers. 

You will find that many Role Profiles share a number of common competences. This can be useful in identifying learning and development opportunities.

View some specific project professional roles in the adjacent drop down menu:

How do I use the APM Competence Framework?

The key purpose of the APM Competence Framework is as a tool to assess and improve performance. Whether you would like to use the framework to review your own performance or to assess the performance of others, the main steps involved are broadly the same.

These five steps are outlined below:

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