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Volunteer research: Enabling change

What is the research?

Project professionals are looking for tools to help them identify and address the people and organisation dynamics that undermine project delivery. Currently the development of tools to meet this challenge lags far behind the tools for managing finance, progress and risk. This research looks to address the gap.

Why is it important?

Parag Gogate of the Enabling Change SIG leading the research adds: “In our search for tools to fill this gap, the SIG has been impressed by Assentire’s Innovation Audit. Its creator, Rod Willis has agreed to collaborate with the SIG to tailor the tool to the needs of project professionals. We see this as a unique opportunity to improve project success rates and take the APM closer to achieving its 2020 Vision” 

Who is the intended audience?

This study is focused on organisations who employ 20+ project professionals and is led by the Enabling Change SIG funded by the APM volunteers research fund. The study is also of interest to individuals who are looking for ways to improve project delivery.

How can I take part in the research?

The deadline for participating in the research has now passed but for more information on the research please contact lead researcher Carole Osterweil at:

What are the benefits in taking part?

As well has having the opportunity to participate in the research directly the other main benefit is the production of a tailored report on the state of play at your organisation.

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