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The APM Mentoring Programme

Shaping the future of projects together

About the APM Mentoring Programme

The APM Mentoring Programme is a secure online space for members to form professional relationships within our member community.

By applying to be a mentor or mentee in the programme, you will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences, learn new skills and provide guidance to help others achieve their ambitions.

What are the benefits?

  • Create your mentor or mentee profile and outline your aims for the programme
  • Establish professional relationships of your choosing in a secure online space
  • Engage with professionals of all experience levels and occupations
  • Discuss and share knowledge across a wide range of specialist subjects
  • Explore reverse mentoring opportunities to exchange skills and close generational gaps

Take the first steps to joining the APM Mentoring Programme

Who is it for?

The APM Mentoring Programme is only available to fee paying individual members and Honorary Fellows.

Not an APM Member? Become an Associate or Full member today and gain access to the APM Mentoring Programme.


Take your first steps into joining our mentoring programme.

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Become a Mentor

By joining our programme as a mentor, you provide an invaluable resource to our membership community. As a mentor, you will have the perfect platform to be able to inspire the next generation of project management professionals. By sharing your unique experiences and providing impartial guidance, you can make a genuine impact on another members development and advancement in the profession. Additionally, as a reverse mentor in the programme, you can help more experienced project professionals to build their knowledge of technical, social and societal issues.

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Become a Mentee

All our mentees will have the opportunity to engage with highly experienced and knowledgeable APM members. The APM Mentoring Programme is housed within our community platform, in this secure online space you will be able to connect with a mentor of your choice and work together to achieve your outlined goals for the programme. Mentoring provides mentees with the opportunity to continue their professional development, our mentors will be able to share knowledge on specialist subjects, identify any potential skill gaps and implement strategies to help a mentee advance in their career.

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Mentee Programme Guide

Whether you’re going to be a mentor or a mentee, this downloadable guide will help you to get ready. From pre‑mentoring exercises to conversation starters, our handy guide covers everything you might want to know about the programme.

Download Mentoring Guide

Already a part of the mentoring community?
You can find all the resources you need on the Community Platform

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Learn what mentoring means, what benefits it brings for people and organisations and how to do it well.

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