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The Association for Project Management (APM) strategy reflects the recent transition to the chartered body for the project profession. Awarded to APM in April 2017, the Royal Charter provides the profession with a platform to raise awareness of our skills, improve standards and develop our practice for the benefit of all.

APM continues to change in order to meet the challenges of a complex and dynamic world. APM believes this rapidly changing environment calls for a more adaptive project management approach, which is more inclusive and responsive to the needs of society. One which builds a community of credible, capable and trusted professionals delivering positive, effective change across all sectors and to all stakeholders.

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Inspiring positive change’ is the title of the refreshed APM strategy. Now that APM is the chartered body for the project profession, we have refocused our strategy to reflect not only our new status as a chartered body...


Listen to APM chair, John McGlynn, explain the motivation behind APM's new strategy.

A world in which all projects succeed with project management 
as a life skill for all.

Our vision is ambitious, challenging and radical. We recognise that to deliver it we need to inspire everyone to understand the contribution they can make to project success. 

Inspiring communities to deliver meaningful change for societal benefit
by advancing the art, science, theory and practice of project management.

The APM mission, our purpose, is to inspire communities who are engaged in delivering meaningful change to apply the art, science, theory and practice of project management. Equally, APM is committed to advancing our collective knowledge and, in doing so, contribute directly to achieving our vision.

Our mission is underpinned by five key objectives, which set out a clear direction of travel for APM.

Successfully position, develop and launch the chartered standard to become the accepted benchmark standard for project professionals.

Accelerate the growth, diversity and global reach of APM’s membership by engaging with new sectors and communities.

Advance the art, science, theory and practice of project management with an innovative knowledge and research programme.

Define and build APM as the model of a sustainable professional body for the 21st century.

Accelerate the universal adoption of project management by people delivering change through collaboration and partnerships.

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