Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility - It's in our hands

How APM is giving something back

As the chartered body for a profession that drives positive change for society, APM is committed to upholding its responsibilities to the people, communities and organisations it serves.

APM listens – to its members, to its partners and to the world around it – in order to remain responsive and sustainable in a constantly changing world. As a result, APM understands the importance and value of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and is proud to set and uphold leading standards for the project profession.

Caring for the environment


APM is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, while also inspiring people to take action at work and at home. By reducing our energy use, increasing recycling and working with partners and suppliers who also make CSR a priority, APM is setting a positive example for the profession to follow.

‘Car-free’ days promote more sustainable commuting and employees are actively encouraged to reduce, re-use and recycle at work, so that everyone is aware of the positive difference they can make as individuals.

Community action


APM and its employees support community projects through volunteering and fundraising. This is a chance to give something back, collaborate, engage and have fun together for a good cause at work, helping to build stronger teams.

APM supports several charities through in-house fundraising activities. Employees also proactively engage in private fundraising ventures, often with the support and contribution of their colleagues. To encourage and enable employees to support worthy causes, APM offers everyone an additional day’s leave each year to volunteer at a charity, either individually or with their team.

Supporting employee wellbeing


APM is passionate about the wellbeing of its staff, volunteers and all project professionals. It has long supported initiatives that promote good mental and physical health. As well as encouraging the charity and community involvement mentioned above, APM invites its employees to attend events about mental health and related topics such as mindfulness, resilience and healthy eating, creating a healthy and positive working environment where people can be at their best.

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