Sue Kershaw

Sue has enjoyed a broad career in civil engineering and project management, with challenges ranging from glass staircases to flood defences, and nuclear power stations to mass transit schemes in the UK and Far East. Her most rewarding role was as deputy director of transport at the Olympic Delivery Authority

This work has left a lasting legacy not only for the users of these systems now, but for how the transport industry works together. With the enhanced transport connectivity in place after the games, the regeneration of East London has been catapulted forward.

Sue is a Fellow and Honorary Fellow of APM and would like to leave a personal legacy to the APM. She aims to define and plan the delivery strategy for the APM vision, along with growing the profession through integrated and collaborative working with other PPM organisations.

Sue wants to celebrate our strong ability to successfully manage major projects and programmes and explore development of these leadership skills, while developing a legacy ethos to plough back our knowledge and expertise to attract the best to our profession, and retain them. 

Sue would like to make APM an even better place than it is now, with better services for its members, and even more reflective of the rapidly changing profession and client and supplier needs.

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