Finalists - Innovation in Projects Award 2022RLB

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A unique award recognising projects or programmes that demonstrate progressive, diverse and innovative approaches to project delivery.  

We live and work in an ever-progressive world, which is why here at APM we value and encourage innovation in project management techniques and methods. We also recognise that new and exciting ideas for project management exist in every sector, for every type of project. That’s why all entries, across every category, will be automatically considered for this award, given at the discretion of our awards judges and ASG.  

In each existing entry, our judges will be looking for projects or programmes that demonstrate progressive, diverse and innovative approaches to project delivery, including techniques, processes or methods, that have directly contributed to successful project outcomes.  

Because all entries are automatically put forward for this award, there is no need to submit any additional material to ensure your entry is included. The judges will purely use stage one written submissions to choose their winner for this award, who will be announced on the night.

Congratulations to all our finalists listed in this category below ...


PROJECT: Atkins Vulnerability Research / Atkins - Cyber Resilience Programme (CRP)
ENTERED BY: Jipin Jomon, Atkins a member of the SNC Lavalin Group

Working in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) as part of the Cyber Resilience Programme, and with flexibility to explore innovations, Atkins established the Vulnerability Research (VR) project. Transformational and pioneering, VR built a novel capability to utilise ethical hacker expertise and experience to find vulnerabilities before they could be exploited, substantially reducing the MoD's cyber security risk. Pushing boundaries, collaborating and communicating with various global organisations, exploring innovations, proving concept, demonstrating results and quantifying benefits, the VR project has reduced cyber risk at pace, contributing to improved cyber and information security nationally.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) recognises the threat to cyber safety is constantly evolving and, in response, established the Cyber Resilience Programme (CRP) to:

  • Reduce cyber security risk
  • Protect critical assets and systems
  • Improve cyber culture and awareness across Defence

Mobilising quickly and empowered to use innovative methodology, make key decisions, navigate governance and drive cultural change, the agile team delivered immediate results,  demonstrating capability and gaining momentum at pace. The approach is recognised as an exemplar.

CRP is paving the way for the MoD to be more innovative, a leader in cyber safety and raise awareness to protect society.


PROJECT: PA Young Professional of the Year
ENTERED BY: Daisy Hawkins, PA Consulting

My application my time spent leading activities within the Vaccine Task Force (VTF) Project Management Office in 2021. My work within the VTF PMO started in March 2021 and spanned the timeframe of when a vaccine did exist, but the difficult challenge of a high-volume roll-out still persisted. My application specifies how I led and drove improvements within the VTF PMO structure and how I directly added value and motivated her project team to success. Please note it is written in third person.


PROJECT: Project Moonshot - Rolls-Royce plc
ENTERED BY: Alexander Darvill, Rolls-Royce plc

“Project Moonshot” was a two-year collaborative experiment between Rolls-Royce and the Ministry of Defence with the aim of demonstrating a radically transformative approach to the delivery of complex technology programmes. The project was launched in May 2020 and delivered by Rolls-Royce Defence based in Bristol. To explore and prove a totally novel approach to product development, the team was challenged to deliver a real project in half the time and half the cost of a typical programme. Two years on and Moonshot has exceeded its original goals with key programmatic innovations being shared across Rolls-Royce and UK industry.



PROJECT: Safety in Every Choice, East West Rail Alliance
ENTERED BY: East West Rail Alliance

Recognising the challenge of integrating a 1500-strong workforce from four different organisations, including supply chains, to design and deliver a complex 37km scope of work in a safety critical environment, East West Rail Alliance (EWRA) embraced the opportunity to challenge traditional health, safety and wellbeing (H,S&W) programmes. Committed to making health and safety everyone’s priority, EWRA developed the innovative and transformational Safety in Every Choice (SiEC) programme. Focused on engagement and using innovative tools and techniques to create a positive, fair and learning culture, SiEC empowers the workforce and drives excellence, enhancing the H,S&W of individuals and the local community.


ENTERED BY: Mark Graham

The Assays Project has been fundamental to the success of the UKs COVID Vaccines programme, providing the key infrastructure to support clinical testing, that enabled rapid regulatory approval and critical policy decisions. The project team worked collaboratively across multiple partners to establish a consistent framework for laboratory testing, and also delivered additional capacity to manage the huge demand for COVID Vaccine testing. In addition to the significant technical and scientific achievements, which delivered world leading standardisation of clinical assays, the project is recognised as an example of best practice, successfully delivering under incredible pressure at pace.

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