Project and programme awards 

  • Project of the year
  • Social Project of the Year
  • PMO of the Year
  • Programme of the Year 
  • Overseas Project of the Year

Project of the year

Sponsored by Hyde Park Solutions Ltd (HPS)​

A successful project is about delivering results for the customer, the stakeholders and the wider community. It’s about turning a vision into reality and making effective change happen. Through the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques a project’s objectives can be met. 

At the heart of every great project, is a great story; the Project of the Year Award is for the team whose project demonstrates the most effective use of project management, the greatest results and the greatest benefit and innovations to the profession.

This year the Project of the Year will be divided into the following sub-categories:

  • IT and Technology Project: Projects driven by technology and communication change
  • Transformation project: Organisational and cultural change projects
  • Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure project: The delivery of physical assets including transport and energy
  • Specialists project: Recognising projects with unique or unusual characteristics and from new and emerging project management sectors

All of the above will go through a second-stage judging process. The overall Project of the Year winner will be selected from the winners of the sub-categories.  

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Social Project of the Year

Sponsored by Provek Limited​

The Association for Project Management Awards celebrate project success in all its forms. This category is for projects with the specific aim of developing solutions that deliver benefits to society- locally, regionally, nationally and globally. These projects seek to address the concerns of 21st century society, including:

  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Ageing population
  • Better life in cities
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Safer, kinder technology

Who can and should participate?

Companies, charities, public bodies, third sector, volunteers, social enterprises and individuals who have successfully initiated projects that aim at solving social problems can participate in this award.

This may include corporate social responsibility projects by companies (not undertaken for profit), environmental initiatives, and also voluntary and social projects by individual pioneers and innovators.

This category is a single-stage written entry only.

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PMO of the Year

Sponsored by Wellingtone Project Management

This award celebrates the commitment of Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Offices (PMOs) to developing not only their organisation across all facets of project management but also their emerging industry through innovative and thoughtful ways of working.

The PMO of the Year award is designed for those PMOs that want to stand out as a beacon of driving project success and project management maturity in the way that they enable their organisations to deliver successful and sustainable change, develop project community and challenge themselves to become trusted business partners.

The APM judges are looking for the ways in which PMOs operate as a key and trusted business partner. In particular they are interested in how the PMO answers the value question through their structure, strategy, and culture. How they develop and continually improve best practice and how they provide assurance to the Leadership. How the PMO creates community, and how they deal with the changeable nature of the PMO role. It would also be of interest to understand if the PMO itself has had to change to accommodate the business needs, how it has created an environment where it can adapt whilst maintaining sponsorship at the highest levels.

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Programme of the Year 

Sponsored by Program Framework​

The Programme of the Year Award is presented to the organisation that has achieved a common objective through effective management of a programme of projects, where some or all of the benefitsProgram Framework can be shown to have been achieved during the last year.
The judges are looking for programmes demonstrating the most effective use of programme management techniques, the greatest results, and the innovation and lessons learned for the profession.

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Overseas Project of the Year

Sponsored by Ramboll

Projects delivered overseas present unique challenges to any project team. Alongside technical and geographical differences are issues of language and culture. The successful delivery of an overseas
project requires particular skills and aptitude.

The Overseas Project of the Year is awarded to an overseas project or programme where some or all of the benefits have been realised. This category is a single-stage written entry only.

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