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Transformation Project of the Year Award

Celebrate with us on 20 November 2023
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Qinetiq logoTransformation of the Year Award

The winner of this category has now been announced. Congratulations to all our finalists in this category.

Hosted Category, Sponsored by Qinetiq

Recognising and rewarding organisational and cultural change projects across all sectors that deliver significant benefit through project delivery excellence.

Our highly sought-after Project of the Year categories are designed to recognise project excellence, both in delivery and outcomes. There are four Project of the Year Award categories, representing different types of projects. The winners of each of these awards are entered into the prestigious overall project of the year category, of which there is one winner.

The Transformation Project of the Year Award is given to the team whose project demonstrates the most effective use of project management and the greatest benefits and outcomes to end users in projects providing transformational change, either culturally or organisationally.

We require entrants to all project of the year categories to produce a submission of 1,500-2,500 words (in English) based on the judging criteria for that category. Entrants may also submit up to four supporting images or graphics only (no text apart from captions). Video and audio is not accepted as part of the submission.

The Project of the Year categories all consist of two stages, the first stage being the written submission mentioned above and the second stage requires all finalists to present virtually to a panel of judges. Projects from all sectors, and from across the globe, may apply.

Congratulations to our Winner

Winner  West Airspace Deployment, NATS Ltd

The West Airspace Deployment (West) is the first of a series of changes making up the CAA’s Airspace Modernisation Strategy (AMS), delivering a once in a generation change to modernise 54,000 nm2 of airspace above the UK, delivering reductions in CO2, additional capacity and efficiencies in Air Traffic Controller (ATC) workload.

One of the most technical and complex airspace projects ever undertaken by NATS, the West airspace Deployment delivered on budget in March 2023, two months earlier than scheduled whilst enabling more benefits than identified at inception.

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Finalist  Bentley Prototyping Transformation, MIGSO-PCUBED and Bentley Motors Ltd

Bentley Motor’s Prototype Department recognised the need to enhance their project management system to deliver enhanced agility and capacity for change during the early development phases of their products. The whole Bentley R&D function depends on the team delivering prototypes on time, cost, and quality to achieve the market entry dates for their extraordinary products.

To achieve the necessary pace of change, Bentley opted to partner with project management specialists MIGSO-PCUBED and established a Project Delivery Transformation project.

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Finalist  Thatcham Research World Class Safety Assurance and Connected Mobility Centre, Thatcham Research

Thatcham Research Gamston Airport Project, Transformation Project of the Year. With operations at Thatcham Research’s track facility becoming no longer tenable, the organisation procured an active, freehold airfield site which then instigated a transformational project transforming Gamston Airport to a truly future focused connected mobility centre of excellence whilst maintaining the critical Aviation activities.

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Finalist  Babcock Global Project Management Transformation Programme, Babcock

From initial adoption within the Naval Nuclear business Babcock has gone global across it’s Nuclear, Marine, Land and Aviation sectors in delivering a P3M transformation programme.

The Group Project Management Functional team, whose diversity and knowledge led the way, developed a Global Project Management delivery framework, drove improved governance and lifecycle alignment and embarked on people development, investing in c.1500 project professionals and c.450 on-going programmes and projects providing the right tools, skills and solutions and support to help them work consistently, manage change and deliver predictable successful outcomes; supporting Babcock’s purpose of creating a safe and secure world, together.

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