Transformation Project of the Year Award 2021

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Our highly sought-after project of the year categories are designed to recognise project excellence, both in delivery and outcomes. There are four project of the year award categories, representing different types of projects. The winners of each of these awards are entered into the prestigious overall project of the year category, of which there is one winner.  

The transformation project of the year award is given to the team whose project demonstrates the most effective use of project management and the greatest benefits and outcomes to end users in projects providing transformational change, either culturally or organisationally.    

We require entrants to all project of the year categories to produce a submission of up to 3,000 words detailing how they have met the judging criteria for that category. Entrants may also submit up to four supporting imageor graphics only (no text apart from captions). Video and audio is not accepted as part of the submission. 

The project of the year categories all consist of two stages, the first stage is the written submission mentioned above and the second stage requires all finalists to present virtually to a panel of judges. Projects from all sectors, and from across the globe, may apply. 

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PROJECT: Return our business to scale 

The pandemic has stopped the world in it tracks, and arguably every business faced how it safely brings colleagues back to work, what makes this nomination unique is the scale of the workforce and the challenges faced in building submarines during a global pandemic. We got 10,000+ people productive; at an unprecedented pace.  

We flipped public perception and became a recognized exemplar; we didn’t stop there – we went above and beyond to lead the wider community response, provided tens of thousands of hours to support the community and generated immeasurable social impact through the most economically and socially destabilizing times. 


PROJECT: Economic development of Bro Tathan 
ENTERED BY: Burroughs

The transformation of Bro Tathan aerodrome from a former military site into a thriving economic development has benefitted the local community and the Welsh Aviation sector. The successful delivery of such a complex, multi-faceted project, with an equally challenging timeline has enabled the ambitious plans for Bro Tathan to be realised, increasing attractiveness for new tenants and the ability of the Welsh Government to promote the site in the right way – creating further jobs and opportunities as the site continues to develop and achieve its full potential. 

Credited: Burroughs, Welsh Government, Cardiff International Airport Limited and Osprey Consulting Services Limited


PROJECT: London City Digital Tower  

London City Airport (LCA) is the first major commercial airport in the UK to transfer Air Traffic operations from a traditional, on site function to a purpose built digital facility 80 miles away from the airport and  marks a significant achievement for London City Airport (LCA) and NATS. 

Following four years of development and staff engagement, the London City Digital Tower entered live operations in January 2021 with the  air traffic controllers relocated 80 miles  to the NATS Control Centre in Hampshire, from where they  manage every flight using live  images  presented  on a panoramic video wall. 

Credited: London City Airport and Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions 


PROJECT: Defence Infrastructure Organisation, Managing Programmes & Projects - Function Transformation and Enduring Evolution 
ENTERED BY: PA Consulting

This short, sharp three-month transformation project guided the Defence Infrastructure Organisation’s 450-strong major programmes division to be 14% more effective. It delivered benefits of £5.5M (over 30 times the external fee). The project analysed a future spend uplift of over £750M in requirements (on a spend of £1bn a year) and re-designed the P3M structures and resource allocations to deliver that uplift, using an innovative Capability Assessment Model, linking supply with demand. Client-side P3M tasks were re-organised to meet predicted demand from the next fifteen years of major capital spend programmes for MOD Front Line Commands across the UK. 

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