Transformation Project of the Year Award 2021

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Our highly sought-after project of the year categories are designed to recognise project excellence, both in delivery and outcomes. There are four project of the year award categories, representing different types of projects. The winners of each of these awards are entered into the prestigious overall project of the year category, of which there is one winner.  

The transformation project of the year award is given to the team whose project demonstrates the most effective use of project management and the greatest benefits and outcomes to end users in projects providing transformational change, either culturally or organisationally.    

We require entrants to all project of the year categories to produce a submission of up to 3,000 words detailing how they have met the judging criteria for that category. Entrants may also submit up to four supporting imageor graphics only (no text apart from captions). Video and audio is not accepted as part of the submission. 

The project of the year categories all consist of two stages, the first stage is the written submission mentioned above and the second stage requires all finalists to present virtually to a panel of judges. Projects from all sectors, and from across the globe, may apply. 

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PROJECT: Allianz Insurance PLC: Allianz Motor Engineer Control System (MECS) Project   
ENTERED BY: Susan Ferry

This truly transformational project successfully delivered mobile workflow technology and significant financial benefits, whilst streamlining our claims operating model. This project lasted over two years and was implemented in September 2019, with strategic data reporting tools delivered June 2020.



PROJECT: BAE Systems PLC: Transforming Secure Information Management Culture & Technology
ENTERED BY: Rene Nibbelke

A Transformation Project, for the information management systems within the overseas offices of BAE Systems’ Group Business Development function, far exceeded user expectations. Delivered on budget and to schedule, this complex project has facilitated collaboration and coordination across 20 countries, in line with international business strategy. The simple, secure Information Management solution with a small, medium and large office configuration and standard document management structure has been applauded by senior management.

The project applied best practice throughout the lifecycle; starting with a 3-day Rapid Solution Design workshop with 30 global stakeholders and concluding with a pre-mortem to develop robust ‘Business-as-Usual’ assurance and sharing lessons learned.


PROJECT: High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd: HS2 Improvement Programme (HIP) 
ENTERED BY: Tiago Dias

HS2 is nominated for its Improvement Programme run between 2018-2020, including the development of a bespoke Enterprise Capability Framework and assessment. The Improvement Programme was transformational and critical to HS2 being able to demonstrate to Government that the company had the required capability to proceed with construction. 

Upon the programme’s conclusion an independent panel of industry experts provided an opinion on the programme’s outcomes: "In the IAP’s extensive collective experience, none had seen such a rigorous and comprehensive approach to assessing and improving Enterprise Capability, and it has the potential for stimulating industry improvement in the delivery of major projects."


PROJECT: Legal & General (LGI): New Ways of Working
ENTERED BY: Christine Garland

This project successfully changed the culture and work live life balance of employees within Legal and & General Insurance by providing the technology and tools to enable 900 individuals to work productively from home and in the office.

This project has increased our employee satisfaction scores and enabled our organisation to swiftly adapt to the challenges presented by Covid -19. It also enabled our company to make more efficient use of existing office space at key locations in the United Kingdom.

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