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Adrian Pyne
Real Agile Project Management

Runtime 🕑 41 mins

Director, Pyne Consulting Limited

Adrian is above all a project professional. He has led or rescued transformation programmes widely from Telcos to eCommerce, mining, aviation, and public sector. He has designed, built and operated P3 capability and PMOs, including professional services businesses.

His key skill is the adaptation of best practice successfully. In the last ten years his consultancy practice has focussed on two areas. Firstly, what he and colleagues call Organisational Project Management – the creation of an organisation culture that enables projects to thrive and not merely survive, or even die. Secondly, on agile project management which too many organisations get badly, and expensively, wrong.

Adrian has helped evolve P3 and PMOs through UK government standards, APM BoK6, the Gower Handbook of Programme Management (1st edition), and APM guides on agile governance and assurance. He is a visiting lecturer at Nottingham and Southampton University Business Schools.

Synopsis - Real Agile Project Management

Agile project management can deliver great value, but is much mis-understood. This frequently leads to expensive incorrect implementations. In turn, this makes organisations blame Agile, rather than their mistakes. In this session, Adrian will identify common errors at both project and organisational level. He will then outline how an Agile approach differs from “traditional” project management.  

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