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What is the APM Hub?

The APM Hub is our online community platform that connects our members faster and easier than ever before. This secure space is made up of six discussion hubs that facilitate conversation on specific topics, a live feed, an interactive world map and virtual events to ensure that you and the rest of the online community don't miss any development or networking opportunities. 

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Who's it for?

The APM Hub is available to our individual members and forms part of the growing range of digital benefits available, including APM Learning, Project journal and much more.

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Hub Forum 

Join our Hub Forum where members ask questions and start discussions. You can search or start a conversation on topics that are of interest to you. 


Read exclusive member content from project professionals, gain fascinating insight into a variety of project related subjects and ask your questions. 

Discussion hubs  

We have several interest and focus groups that you can join to engage with members on a specific topic and share your experiences. 


Improve your network and engage with other members from Students, Associates, Full members, Fellows and Honorary Fellows. 

Our discussion hubs

This hub is for all our members to connect with each other faster and easier than ever before. Introduce yourself and start making new connections that could last a lifetime.

If you're studying towards a project management qualification or just starting in the profession; this is the place to ask questions and gain invaluable insight and opinions from a diverse range of our members.

However you choose to give back some of your time and experience to the profession; in this hub you can share experiences, advocate new initiatives in your area or discuss the latest activities you have been part of. 

If you're leading a project, accountable for its outcome or managing a team; here is a space where you can discuss implementing strategy, life cycle options and choices, establishing governance and oversight.

Are you involved in the end-to-end process of delivering a project, whether a standalone project or one that is part of a programme and/or portfolio, and regardless of the life cycle approach? This hub is for you.

If you're engaging with stakeholders, forming, building or leading teams, you can share your experience and knowledge with other members. 

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