APM Project Management Conference London 2019

The APM Project Management Conference London took place Thursday 2 May, heading up APM’s conference programme, demonstrating the Power of the Profession to adapt, work smarter and perform in an era of change. Sponsored by Hyde Park Solutions Ltd. the conference explored how the profession is Delivering Value in a Transforming World, and transitioning from a position of facilitation to influence.

A rich programme of influential speakers discussed how those working in the project profession can take control of their projects and deliver benefits of greater value using innovative methods, tools and techniques. The three streams this year focused on adapting to develop your career, working smarter in your approach to projects and how to develop your performance.

Key takeaways

  • The demand for skilled project professionals is increasing, along with the challenge for projects to be successfully delivered. The good news is that project professionals can develop their careers using skills that are transferable across industries and adapt to different environments.
  • Too often good practice in project management isn’t being applied - giving rise to failures – project professionals should constructively challenge practices, recognise the warning signs and call it out early and loudly.
  • The world is changing and project professionals need to pick up new skills and technologies and apply innovative methods to work smarter in order to meet challenges. Artificial intelligence (AI) for example will free up time for more hypothesis, thinking, reflection, problem solving, communication and collaboration.  
  • Try to look at the bigger picture and learn to manage and mitigate risk. Recognise that very often threats that materialise are often never on your agenda and can’t be accounted or planned for. There will be times of reasonable failure, but it’s never too late to make a change.
  • The benefits of improving collaboration, empowering staff members and implementing better productivity and efficiency are well proven. Try to increase the diversity of your project teams - with each project member bringing something different to the table.  
  • There’s a real appetite and desire to move forward as a profession – from the ground up. The APM encourages everyone to be a part of this and get involved.

Attendees to the Association for Project Management Conference London 2019 show a real appetite and desire to move forward as a profession

At a time of great change – on a domestic and global front, the theme for this years’ APM Project Management Conference London, was ‘Power of the Profession: delivering value in a transforming world’.

Sponsored by Hyde Park Solutions, the event - with over 450 delegates from the project management world in attendance - took place on Thursday 2 May at the Westminster Park Plaza Hotel.

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