APM Project Management Conference Manchester

APM, the chartered body for the project profession, brought its project management conference, sponsored by Hyde Park Solutions, to Manchester for the second time to ask a simple question: What next?

Driven by rapid advances in digital technologies, the nature of our work is being transformed. While artificial intelligence and robotics grow more sophisticated, jobs are being reinvented with fundamental changes in workplace structures offering new possibilities for creativity in the workforce. The event addressed key challenges to be overcome so that we can deliver future prosperity and growth.

The 2017 event has already taken place.

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Key takeaways from the APM Conference Manchester

In a bid to answer the question, What Next? Industry leaders representing the ten pillars of the Industrial Strategy gave their insights of the changes and challenges taking place in their sector. So what we did we learn? Read the full article

  1. AI is not infallible, we must not let computers become our overlords
  2. We will need new skills
  3. Our Projects are more complex than ever
  4. The UK’s current level of productivity is a problem
  5. Employing more people is not the answer
  6. We must collaborate

Influential speakers shared their thought leadership to keep delegates up-to-date with the latest insights and techniques

Interactive sessions engaged and equipped delegates with answers to their vital questions

Networking opportunities with senior figures in the profession to raise delegates profile and develop their career

Theme: What next?

Whether it’s the technology revolution, changing political landscapes, economic regeneration, energy or security, there is little doubt we are at a pivotal point in our history. Change is inevitable, both planned and unexpected, and our ability to manage that change will ultimately define how we live in the future.

In today’s society, we need to deliver more for less and in these extraordinary times we need to manage change effectively, efficiently and to capitalise on the opportunities available while driving forward new and innovative achievements.

From innovation to infrastructure, the conference will challenge our future thinkers and thought leaders to address the profession’s greatest challenge; what’s next for projects, people and practice in our increasingly vital profession?

Benefits of attending include:

  • Influential speakers sharing thought leadership so you can stay up to date with the latest techniques for successful project delivery. 
  • Interactive sessions so you can leave the conference with all your vital project management questions answered. 
  • Multiple streams ensuring a rich choice of sessions making the event relevant to your industry. 
  • Networking with the most senior figures in the profession will help raise your profile and develop your career. 
  • Earn up to eight hours of CPD which equates to nearly a quarter of your expected professional development for the year.   
  • Exhibition with leading organisations giving you the opportunity to discover how the latest products and services can generate a competitive advantage for your business.
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