APM Project Management Conference Edinburgh 2019

The APM Project Management Conference Edinburgh this year focused on the overarching theme of the Power of the Profession and provided project professionals from all backgrounds with inspiring content from renowned, experienced speakers from a diverse range of sectors.

The conference covered techniques for successful project delivery with interactive sessions. The conference also hosted a number of exhibitors who answered questions about the latest project management products and services.

Key Takeaways

  • There are numerous challenges facing our world (technological change, climate change, global rebalancing of power); but there are also many reasons to feel positive. People are healthier, there are more options for wealth, and the age of AI is only just starting – with great potential for good.
  • Even without the power to drive cultural change, project professionals can still contribute to embracing diversity for a stronger future profession. When talking about project management, try to convey that the profession is for people of all backgrounds and abilities.
  • Work closely with suppliers – so they feel like part of your team. It can result in a much more productive working environment, particularly for complex projects with many stakeholders.
  • Think about creating mechanisms to share best practice with other organisations in your industry conducting similar projects. Perhaps create a forum where ideas can be shared.
  • Take a step away from your role every now and again and think about the legacy you wish to leave as a project professional. It will help you direct and shape your work.
  • Think about weaving sustainability into your project management practices. How would your project – and the methods you are using to deliver it - fit with the 17 sustainable development goals?
  • The project profession is a huge power for good – even small projects can make a real difference. Be proud of your achievements and champion your profession where you can.

Positivity of the profession evident at APM Project Management Conference Edinburgh 2019

There was an unmistakable positivity about the growth and development of the project management profession at this year’s APM Project Management Conference Edinburgh, sponsored by 20/20 Project Management, which took place on Thursday 21 March at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

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APM Project Management Conference - Edinburgh

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