About APM Body of Knowledge

The APM Body of Knowledge is available in a number of formats:

APM Body of Knowledge 6th edition

The APM Body of Knowledge 6th edition is available in paperback, hardback, monographed and digital e-book. It represents the standard definition of the breadth of project management making it a primary reference for APM qualifications, membership and other professional standards. 

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APM Body of Knowledge 6th edition corporate edition

The APM Body of Knowledge 6th edition corporate edition is an electronic organisational licence that allows you make the standard available to your project management team and amend it to suit your organisational needs.  

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APM Body of Knowledge online

APM has created a unique online resource that allows its users to search the APM Body of Knowledge. This constantly evolving resource builds on the standard taxonomy within the sixth edition to provide greater depth, reflect emerging practice and more specialist developments.

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APM Body of Knowledge Definitions 
The APM Body of Knowledge Definitions is a subsection of the APM Body of Knowledge 6th edition and aims to provide high level definitions for each of the 69 topic areas which are contained in the full text. Topics are divided over four sections; context, people, delivery, and interfaces.

APM Body of Knowledge Definitions can be downloaded here.

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APM Body of Knowledge Approved 
Approved titles are specifically selected as providing essential next-steps in the understanding of topics contained with the APM Body of Knowledge 6th edition. The below titles are approved:

Originally published in 1992, the APM Body of Knowledge is a collaborative work drawing from the experience of practitioners, influencers and academics in all disciplines and sectors. It has grown to become the cornerstone of the profession as a sourcebook, starting point and taxonomy from which professional practice grows. 

In 2012 APM launched the  sixth edition of the standard with a new functional structure and comprehensive coverage of the disciplines of project, programme and portfolio management.

APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition – consultation starting soon

The APM Body of Knowledge is the association’s definitive ‘scope statement’ for project, programme and portfolio management. It provides the basis for APM qualifications and is a common language and taxonomy across all APM activities.

The project to update the APM Body of Knowledge to its 7th edition will be launching very soon.

As with previous editions, we will be working with the profession to gather their views about how the new edition should be shaped and understood.

The process

Following feedback on the process of consulting and drafting content for Body of Knowledge 6th Edition, we are making some important changes to the way we create content for the next edition. Including:

  • Working with an independent research company to understand perceptions of the current edition and ways it could be improved, making the creation of the next edition more efficient and inclusive
  • Providing a market leading online platform to review the current edition and capture ideas about new areas, providing efficient, transparent, wide-scale consultation across all areas of the profession
  • Appointing an editorial team of industry experts from practice and academia to shape the content for the next edition
  • Providing the opportunity for those taking part to review the first draft before it is prepared for publication. 
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