Introduction to People

Projects, programmes and portfolios are ultimately about motivating and coordinating people to achieve specified objectives. In order to do this, an individual manager needs to understand various skills and deliver these in a professional manner. The host organisation needs to promote P3 management as a profession and also provide an environment that encourages individuals to act professionally.

The interpersonal skills section covers those skills that every manager needs but are of prime importance to P3 professionals.

The aim is to describe typical models and processes of human behaviour in each area, not to define what it means to be competent or skilful.

The professionalism section describes aspects of developing and maintaining a professional approach at the individual, organisational and institutional level.

The difference in the application of professionalism at project, programme and portfolio level is one of degree rather than substance. Thus a project manager in a short, stand-alone project has the same responsibility for the learning and development of staff as a portfolio manager overseeing projects and programmes.

However, their perspectives will be very different, as will their ability to influence a wider environment. For this reason the professionalism section has no specific project, programme or portfolio dimensions. 

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