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Welcome to the APM Hong Kong branch community.

Established in September 1991, the APM Hong Kong Branch has been active ever since and is well known for its monthly events on current topics.

Our mission is:

  • To establish project management as the recognised profession essential for managing beneficial change in every type of business.
  • To provide project and programme management professional career development, based on the best practice across all sectors and professionals to cover all types of project.

Our committee members and the locally based accredited training provider would welcome the opportunity to have a chat with you about your professional training needs.


項目管理學會(香港分會) 成立於一九九一年九月,自此以後,它一直是一個活躍之分會,而其現行每月舉辦的活動,亦是眾所周知的。


  • 建立項目管理作為大眾公認行業內每一類型企業不可缺少有益變化的處理。
  • 提供項目及計劃管理之專業發展,此皆以各行各業專業人仕最佳實踐為基礎。


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