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APM Regional Network Volunteer

Please review the volunteer role description below. Please pay particular attention to the eligibility criteria and note the following recruitment window for applications:

Applications: We welcome applications at any time.

This deadline aims to allow for collective onboarding of our Regional Network/Interest Network Teams which will be conducted in April, and for the Network Teams to get organised from the start on their activities for the year.  However, Network Volunteers are welcome to apply and join a team at any time.

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Aged 18 years or over. Can be an APM member or a non-member.  

APM’s onboarding process is to be completed by all volunteers. 


  • Support and facilitate engagement, knowledge sharing and outreach activities in the Network’s geographical area.
  • Contribute to the delivery of outputs and activities beneficial to the members of their RN community and the project profession. This may entail participation in cross-Network meetings, Task & Finish groups, or leading a particular Focus area, comprising: 
    • CPD Events Lead  
    • Education Outreach Lead  
    • Membership Lead  
    • Cross-Profession Lead  
    • Emerging Project Professional Lead   
    • Corporate Relationships Lead  
    • Awards and Competitions Lead 

The Focus area roles are appointed within the Network without a formal process 

Estimated time commitment

  • On average, between 4 and 8 hours per month, with various levels of time commitment depending on the Network activity and peak times. 
  • Attendance at (monthly) Network meetings and events. The expectation is that the Network Volunteer will attend all meetings. 
  • Attendance at cross-Network meetings. 
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