APM Contracts and Procurement Specific Interest Group (C&P SIG)

The C&P SIG exists to promote and disseminate knowledge, understanding and best practice of contracts and procurement in a project environment.

It aims to become a lively and constructive debating forum which takes existing best practice and helps make it better.

The SIG wants to disseminate this knowledge, understanding and better-than-best practice through a variety of accessible means.

It has a long term aspiration to become recognised as an international forum at the leading edge of excellence in contracts and procurement for projects. The SIG believes that procurement is the process by which the benefits, enhanced capability, functions/performance or resources (goods and services) required from or by a project or programme are acquired.

It includes deciding the package structure and, for each package, the development and implementation of the: 

  • contracting strategy;
  • contract documents, including the specific scope/requirement;
  • process and evaluation criteria for selection and award leading to the effective management of the contracts once entered into.

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Contracts and procurement resources

As projects become more unique, complex, subject to change and therefore more risky a more sophisticated approach to procurement is needed than the typical transactional approach used for the purchase of commoditised goods and services.

This requires an understanding and application of modern procurement concepts and techniques and of the contracts which govern the relationship between the parties. In some industries, this is well established, but in others it is still emerging.

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The committee have regular virtual meetings.

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Opinion piece: Procuring for agile projects

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Jason Sprague
  • How to procure for agile projects
  • Date: 20 April 2020
  • “We are going to be agile, and we are not going to see cost overruns in delivering this project.” The project team intends to embody the ethos of agile, but the organisation’s commercial processes are often contrary.
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Steve Oliver
  • End-to-end supply chain: call for content
  • Date: 13 July 2017
  • Is it just me or is anybody else bamboozled or even mildly puzzled by the absence in project management literature of any helpful information on dealing with the challenges of achieving an integrated end-to-end supply chain?
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