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APM Contracts and Procurement Specific Interest Group (SIG)


Specific Interest Groups (SIGs) discuss particular aspects of project management to further understanding and good practice.

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About this SIG

Contract An agreement made between two or more parties that creates legally binding obligations between them. The contract sets out those obligations and the actions that can be taken if they are not met.

Procurement strategy The high level approach for securing the goods and services required from external suppliers to satisfy project, programme and portfolio needs.

Definition from APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition

The C&P SIG exists to promote and disseminate knowledge, understanding and best practice of contracts and procurement in a project environment. It aims to become a lively and constructive debating forum which takes existing best practice and helps make it better. The SIG wants to disseminate this knowledge, understanding and better-than-best practice through a variety of accessible means. 

It has a long term aspiration to become recognised as an international forum at the leading edge of excellence in contracts and procurement for projects. The SIG believes that procurement is the process by which the benefits, enhanced capability, functions/performance or resources (goods and services) required from or by a project or programme are acquired.

It includes deciding the package structure and, for each package, the development and implementation of the: 

  • contracting strategy;
  • contract documents, including the specific scope/requirement;
  • process and evaluation criteria for selection and award leading to the effective management of the contracts once entered into.

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Featured resources

Procuring For Agile Projects 322X193
Opinion piece: Procuring for agile projects

This white paper aims to nail down every detail or at the very least define the terms sufficiently to get a meaningful ‘fixed price’ from the market.

But change happens on projects, and that means the parties can easily be drawn into fighting over the cost, timescale and the other impacts of the change rather than delivering what the client wants.

News by this SIG

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Driving projects "looking through the windscreen": multi SIG conference 2022
The aim of the conference was to look at refocusing how we plan and execute projects, and we challenged the participants by asking – “If we went on a journey the way we plan and execute projects would we get to our destination, and would we get there on time?” The focus of the day was on driving projects like cars - looking ahead, ‘through the windscreen’.

Blogs by this SIG

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The role of outsourcing in project and programme management: the risks
The role of outsourcing in project and programme management: the risks of outsourcing and how these can be managed for better project delivery.
Gettyimages 918035414
The role of outsourcing in project and programme management: the benefits
The role of outsourcing in project and programme management. Outsourcing brings about lots of benefits to the project, the team and the organisation.
Shutterstock 581366620
Basic knowledge of contract law is essential for an effective project manager
Sarah Schütte talks us through the importance of understanding contract law to be successful as project managers.
APM Contracts Procurement SIG 500Px Outlined
How to procure for agile projects
“We are going to be agile, and we are not going to see cost overruns in delivering this project.” The project team intends to embody the ethos of agile, but the organisation’s commercial processes are often contrary.

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