Discover the world of project management

Project management is all about making things better. When we talk to project managers we hear their excitement about achieving something of value – making things, solving problems and creating a better society for us all. It doesn’t matter if your project is small or big, or which sector you work in, that pride in making change happen can be an inspiring driving force for your career.

If you’re looking for a profession with purpose, find out about becoming a project manager and take your first steps into a promising new career.

* APM Salary and Market Trends Survey 2018

What do project managers actually do?
Project management is all about making things better. It's about possibility, potential, and progress.


Top tips for becoming a project manager

A successful project manager needs get-up-and-go along with an entrepreneurial spirit. Try and demonstrate that right from the start and always stay proactive.

Value your transferrable skills. You may not have project management experience on your CV, but highlighting your people and organisational skills shows you have the aptitude.

Network! We have a buzzing community with a wealth of industries, talents and opportunities. Meet people, share experiences and learn as much as you can.

Find a mentor. If you meet a project manager you respect and have good chemistry with, ask them to be a mentor. Talk about your next steps and seek their guidance.

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