27 November 2019
589 Southmead Road Filton BRISTOL AVON BS34 7RG

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South Wales and West of England branch

'Project manager to leader' seminar: The what, why and how

BAWA, 589 Southmead Road, Filton, Bristol BS34 7RG

Effective project leadership is recognised as an essential contributor to ensuring the successful delivery of projects and programmes.

The South Wales and West of England branch and the APM’s People Specific Interest Group, have collaborated to develop this one day seminar on project leadership. 

It is a great opportunity for you to learn more about leadership from a wide range of respected and experienced experts. 

You will have the opportunity to get involved with the workshops, and take away some real insights into how you can develop your leadership skills.

Donnie MacNicol will share what he has learned about leadership over the last 35 years from working with, and developing the capabilities of, project managers on their first solo outing through to programme directors and sponsors on some of the most complex transformations in the world. The four topics he will cover at breakneck speed are:

  • What is it - how can you spot it and what is the difference between managing and leading
  • Why it is important – sharing stories of how leadership has made a difference in the real world
  • How do you develop it – identifying what you can do to enhance your own leadership capability
  • Who exhibits it – identifying the leaders in our own profession who exhibit traits that make them who they are

The talk will be interactive, humorous and full of hope with Donnie planning to come back in 2054 to share what he will have learned in the subsequent 35 years!

Andy Taylor and his team from People Deliver Projects, will lead two sessions titled manager to leader which will take the audience on a highly interactive journey which will start in the morning, Episode 1, and conclude in the afternoon with Episode 2. Topics to be explored include:

  • Tackling the leadership challenge of project delivery
  • Understanding and engaging project stakeholders
  • Building collaborative high-performing relationships across the project
  • Learning how authentic conversations build the trust needed for successful delivery

Actors will bring the content to life with an improvised project story – ‘Step-Up’. We will involve you in debates and you get a chance to talk to the characters, change their behaviour and so determine the outcome of the story, all from where you sit. There will be little PowerPoint. (sorry if you will miss that). By putting out the issues in a meaningful way, and giving you the audience control of the action, we will engage everybody in a valuable and enjoyable learning experience.

Ian Cribbes will address the leadership role of the sponsor. He will cover the sponsor, their role, where they sit in relation to the Board and the Project Team, how they are appointed, the training they need and their leadership responsibilities. He will also discuss the problem sponsor, how to recognise them and the effect they can have on the project.

Louise Donaghey’s talk is titled: Lions, Tigers and Bears – leading through the cultural jungle. She will discuss her experience of the challenges of leading remotely based teams which are both geographically and culturally diverse. She will share her experiences of successes and learning from failures from leading teams based in India, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, which are accountable for profitable growth of the Rolls Royce business, while she is based in the UK.

Sarah Coleman will discuss project leadership: skills, behaviours, knowledge and values’ which is based on her research with Professor Mike Bourne. This recent research into project leadership competences was funded and published by APM. The subject matter and research results have proved to be of significant interest to the P3M community: since its publication in October 2018, the research has achieved more downloads and hard copies than any of the research fund reports to date.

Sarah will talk about the logistics, analysis and findings of Project Leadership: skills, behaviours, knowledge and values and will open an audience debate into the implications for building project leadership capability at the individual and organisational levels.

Seminar programme

08:45 Registration and Coffee
09:20 Welcome and Introductions
09:30 Keynote – What is this leadership thing – a personal take. Donnie MacNichol
10:30 Break: Tea/Coffee
10:45 Manager to Leader Episode 1: People Deliver Projects
11:45 The Sponsor as a Leader: Ian Cribbes
12:30 Break: Lunch
13:15 Lions, Tigers and Bears – leading through the cultural jungle: Louise Donaghey
14:00 Project Leadership: skills, behaviours, knowledge and values: Sarah Coleman
14:45 Break: Tea/Coffee
15:00 Manager to Leader Episode 2: People Deliver Projects
16:15 Summary and Epilogue
16:30 Close

Full list Speaker Biographies 

Previous presentations and webinars can be viewed on the APM Slideshare and YouTube channels. Follow @APMEvents for upcoming event information.

This event is suitable for professionals with any level of experience.


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