20 June 2019
Saïd Business School Park End Street OXFORD Oxfordshire OX1 1HP

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Knowledge SIG

We really need to talk about… knowledge management as a profession



Saïd Business School, Classroom 1, Park End Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire. OX1 1HP


Knowledge management (KM) is maturing rapidly. Is now the moment in time, the inflection point, for accreditation and recognition of the KM professional?

In 2018 the first ever international standard on KM was published. APM took the decision to include a comprehensive account of KM in APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition. CILIP ramped up its KM activities, including chartership for KM. These are all signs that KM is reaching maturity and becoming recognised as a discipline and an organisational practice.

What does this mean for KM professionals? What does it mean for people who work with KM professionals? In this courageous conversation event, Nick Poole, Sonia Ramadhian and Judy Payne invite you to explore your understanding of KM as a profession. How can professionals take ownership of their professionalism? What is a profession, anyway? Where do ethics and values fit in? How can people from different professions, such as KM and project management, work together?

This small, interactive and stimulating conversation event will address questions such as these and explore our collective understanding of what it means to be, and work with, KM professionals.

Please don’t expect definitive answers. This event is one strand of a conversation that we hope will lead to better understanding, better practice, better KM and better projects.

We want to encourage a greater confidence in the APM community to talk freely and fearlessly about how to improve the practice of KM and project management.

The event will be recorded and key points from the conversation used as the basis of a short animated video, designed to stimulate wider discussion online. You can see our previous videos on the Courageous Conversation playlist.

Conversation leaders:

Nick Poole – Chief Executive, CILIP

Nick became Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CILIP on 22 June 2015.

Nick was previously CEO of the Collections Trust and was responsible for the strategic direction and management of the organisation. In this role, Nick has been responsible for developing UK and international standards for information management, advising agencies on digital programmes and leading partnership initiatives with a range of leading digital companies.

Nick was elected to the Board of Wikimedia UK on 25 July 2015, and is the former Chair of the Europeana Network and provided representation to the European Commission.

Prior to joining the Collections Trust in 2005, Nick held a number of roles at the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA), including responsibility for Regional policy development and as a National ICT Adviser. In addition to his role within CILIP, Nick is a former Councillor of the Museums Association and the former Chair of the UK part of the International Council of Museums.

Nick served as a Trustee of CILIP between January 2010 and November 2014, he was CILIP Treasurer for 2012 and 2013.


Sonia Ramdhian – New Business Manager, CILIP

Sonia is the CILIP lead in rolling out Chartership for Knowledge Management. She has supported CILIP’s Knowledge & Information Management SIG since its inception and is now developing professional registration specifically for knowledge management.

As New Business Development Manager, she works with CILIP colleagues and stakeholders to identify opportunities for supporting new and developing areas of the information professions and to embed these into ‘business as usual’.

Previous to this her role in CILIP was as a Development Officer supporting CILIP's Member Networks and building relationships across the breadth of the Library, Information Management and Knowledge Management profession.

Sonia has over 25 years’ experience as an information professional herself; using library, information and knowledge management skills in roles primarily in the management consultancy, investment banking and the SaaS sectors.

Judy Payne – Director, Hemdean Consulting and, APM Knowledge SIG Co Chair

Judy’s work focuses on bridging gaps between academia and practice.

She has been involved in knowledge management since 1991, when she joined CIRIA and led collaborative projects that produced guidance for the water and construction industries.

Since setting up Hemdean Consulting Ltd in 2001 she has worked as a knowledge and learning consultant, educator and researcher, including six years as a director of the Henley KM Forum. Judy is APM Knowledge SIG Co Chair, and a member of the ISO knowledge management working group that developed ISO 30401. In February 2019, Judy became Chair of the BSI knowledge management standards committee. She has contributed to many knowledge management and organisational learning publications and has co-written a book on managing knowledge in project environments that will be published by Routledge in May 2019.

Judy is on a mission to spread the word about knowledge management, bust the many myths that surround the subject and help people understand how to manage knowledge so that it creates value.



Vanessa Randle - ThinkingVisually

Vanessa is a visual practitioner and the personality behind thinkingvisually Ltd.  She works primarily as a graphic recorder and her clients include organisations, groups and individuals who face the challenge of making information more memorable and communicating messages in a more creative, meaningful and effective way.

Vanessa is passionate about the power of visual working and how this taps into our human history of using words and pictures to communicate. Vanessa hosts face to face, and virtual, workshops to teach people the basic skills to draw simple graphics; along the way helping to bust people's beliefs that they can't draw! 

As a graphic recorder Vanessa pitches up at meetings or events with her boards, pens, paper and coloured markers and transforms what people say and what she sees into a creative, large scale visual record; real time, right in front of peoples’ eyes.

She also creates whiteboard style animations and custom graphics to help people craft more effective communications, create clearer thinking and to bring their ideas and information to life. 


Previous presentations and webinars can be viewed on the APM Slideshare and YouTube channels.

This event is suitable for professionals with an intermediate to advanced level of experience.

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APM Body of Knowledge 6th edition reference

Section Description
Knowledge management
Communities of practice
Learning and development






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