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Laura developed a demonstrable track record as the Benefits Lead within Transport for London’s surface business group for developing processes and building capability to successfully manage and realise benefits. This has required Laura to manage requirements and engage with stakeholders to ensure an appropriate approach and scalable framework for benefits management is adopted. She also has significant experience in project and programme delivery from her previous role as Benefits Lead for the Metropolitan Police Service.
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Joanna and Chris from the National Audit Office (NAO) delivery team gave a convincing presentation on the challenge of demonstrating how major projects had realised forecasted benefits. Her introduction as Leona Lewis by me, Neil White, raised guffaws from the audience and immediately lifted the energy in the room. Joanna generously took this in her stride.
APM wishes to expressly highlight that it is keen to have a diverse board with a mix of skills, experiences, sectors and backgrounds.
From start to finish, Claire’s presentation was engaging and informative. After all we ‘brits’ love to talk about the weather! Claire joined the Met Office after leaving university as a “support programmer” developing products for the marine sector. It was during this time she had her first brush with project management - a project to calculate the climatology of the North Sea to help appropriately design offshore structures.
Outcome Relationship Models ORMs draw on all these techniques to provide a standardised notation for connecting project outputs through intermediate outcomes to final outcomes (positive and negative) linked to strategic direction. Ned used his practical experience of applying this to a range of government programmes to illustrate that this powerful technique could be used on a wide range of programme types.
In 2012 Matt Williams created the first of a series of Benefits Summits in Australia. This led to the idea of a UK Benefits Summit, and Matt presented at our first Summit in 2015, on the subject of "Benefits-led portfolio management”. For his closing keynote in 2016, Matt explored the case for adopting an “agile” approach to benefits management.
The event ended with a willingness to continue to work together to further develop the current momentum in benefits management research and teaching, in such a way as to be relevant to the practical issues facing organisations.