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The back issues of the APM Programme Management SIG newsletters are available for viewing on this page.
Any member who has what it takes to fulfil this key role is encouraged to submit a nomination
On Tuesday 19th July, Arnab Banerjee presented a webinar about how since 2012 Transport for London (TfL) has changed their programme management practice to create a single programme and project management methodology to replace several that existed in parallel. This is the TfL Pathway.
In the last few years all the sections of the German Force – Army, Navy, Airforce and Auxiliary Services - have undergone massive reconstructions. It is against this background that the Herkules programme, to align its IT, was characterised by its size and complexity. Yet they managed to deliver it within its EUR 7 Billion budget. Due to the number pf people involved and diversity the contract alone consisted of 17,000 pages. Representatives of all the parties signed the contract to manage communication between the 60 stakeholder groups.
The Programme Management SIG Annual General Meeting took place on Thursday 23rd June 2016 at 18:30pm, in London. They were unanimously voted on by the twenty two present APM individual members during the AGM.
The nominations for the Programme Management SIG committee has now closed and a list can be found on the attached document of the volunteers and their reason for wishing to join the 2016/17 Programme Management SIG committee.
Blink and another year passes, this edition has been a real struggle because we seem to have done such a lot. Even with the editors ruthless knife we have still ended up with an edition packed with content. And it looks as though the coming year will be just as busy.
A review of the conference held in March 2016 in London with individual presentations and audio.
On 17th March 2016 the APM Presents event was held at the Radcliffe Hotel in the environs of Warwick University (Coventry). 13 APM Specific Interest Groups held 3 sessions each (either ½ or 1 hour in duration).
Slides from the Equipping Programme Managers for Global Success are now available to view