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Earthquakes in the project portfolio

About three months before the due date, Dr Graham Oakes noticed that the project portfolio he was monitoring would suddenly experience a large slip followed by a series of smaller slips a pattern that looked a lot like an earthquake.


Beneficial behaviour

The individual behaviour of project players and the behaviour of groups or teams (their engagement) lie at the heart of managing projects, says Martin Price.


Making Waves

APM Overseas Project of the Year Award winner, the Water Cube in Beijing, successfully combined a record-breaking Olympic swimming pool with a truly inspirational and enduring design for the Chinese people.


Model behaviour - part II

In part one (November issue), Dr John McManus examined some of the issues within the time, cost and quality project management paradigm.


Home truths

Keynote APM Conference speaker, Sir David Normington, gives an insight into project management at the Home Office where, as permanent secretary for the past three years, he has been responsible for overseeing several multi-million pound and highly controversial projects.


Surf's up

An ambitious project to build Europe's first surfing reef is taking place on England's south coast after nine years of planning, negotiation, and delays.


Agile known unknowns

Dr Peter Merrick reports on the 2nd Agile Conference held at the Excel Centre in London where he finds an built-in tension between Agile in a project management sense and Agile in an IT delivery sense.


On sound foundations?

Recession may be a dirty word in the construction industry, but Ralph Dando, partner at construction and property consultants Robinson Low Francis (RLF), says project managers will have plenty of opportunity to shine in the pre-planning stages.


Model behaviour

A predominant paradigm in project management is to view the process as a three way trade-off between time, cost and quality.