Agile Governance - a sneak preview of the new slim guide from GovSIG

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Posted by APM on 11th Aug 2015

On Wedneday 8th July 2015 Nationwide in Swindon kindly hosted the Thames Valley branch, who held a very successful event where Adrian Pyne and Brian Wernham, from the APM Governance SIG, spoke about the new "slim guide" on agile governance from the GovSIG.

Brian Wernham gave a brief overview of the context of the guide and its target audience. The presentation that he gave can be viewed here:

Adrian Pyne outlined the contents of the guide including:

  • Where to use/not use Agile approches,
  • Agile governance behaviours
  • Directing Agile change at board level
  • Agile risk management
  • The Agile CEO and other board members
  • The Agile portfolio
  • The Agile programme

Adrian's presentation can be viewed below:


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