Scheduling maturity model

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One of the foundations for successful project management is to start with the right schedule. The devil is not in the detail. It is in the schedule.

Always check the schedule.

A robust schedule will provide clues to identify what is wrong or right. The assessment of what the right schedule looks like and whether a particular schedule is good enough is often the subjective view of someone in the project team which in itself is open to inconsistency. If the schedule is wrong then the project is wrong and no amount of far-end management will fix it.

A common framework to carry out this fundamental work is now in your hands. The APM Planning SIGs scheduling maturity model helps to redress this shortfall by providing an objective, consistent method for firstly establishing what attributes the right schedule should have and then for assessing an individual schedule against this standard.

The explanatory text provides a comprehensive guide to the use of the scheduling maturity model and once the principles and definitions behind the attributes are understood, assessment of any schedule using this model will be straightforward and take minimal time.

Posted on 11th Nov 2010
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