Katie McConochie 

Managing Director, Learn Change

Katie McConochie is a highly experienced leader, trainer, facilitator and coach focusing on the people side of change. By helping individuals perform at their best, she believes that high performing teams will grow and organisations will reap the rewards.

In the context of project delivery, she encourages project leaders to focus on the human aspects of change.  After 30 years in the corporate world of transformation and change, she is not afraid to admit she has learned far more from her mistakes than her successes. She now runs her own training consultancy, Learn Change. 

Synopsis - How to tap into the people side of change to guarantee lasting success 

Every single person that adopts new systems and processes (or simply has to engage with their environment in different ways) will respond to change projects with varying degrees of fear, scepticism and hope. The ‘Tightrope of Change’ will be used to illustrate the importance of having clear people requirements for projects. Delegates will leave the session with practical tips on how to recognise resistance to change, and then how to plan for it and be able to overcome it.  They will also be able to calculate the hidden costs (in actual pounds!) of ignoring the people side of change. 

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