Online examinations: what to expect

Candidates can now sit an online training course and gain their qualification without leaving their home. 

To make this possible, we have worked with leading training providers and exam experts to provide a platform that is accessible and easy to use, allowing candidates to focus on passing their exams.

The examinations are taken via APM’s qualification platform, Surpass and the remote invigilation is conducted by ProctorExam.​

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Check list: what you will need 

You will need: a computer/laptop (with webcam and microphone), smartphone, ID verification documents (either a passport or driving licence) and strong internet connection.

  • Prior to booking the examination, you will need to check that your internet and PING speed meet the recommended minimum requirements.
  • Please read through this check list and the infographic, which provides a visual overview of what you can expect when taking the exam, including when you will be emailed the link to check your system (8 days before your exam) and the link to take your exam (3 days beforehand). 
  • Please ensure you run your system check as soon as possible to avoid any unwanted problems just before your exam.
  • Remote examinations can be disrupted by proxy servers, VPN's, network packet inspection/filtering, or strict network security configurations. 
  • Please note that your exam will be recorded and reviewed at a later date by an invigilator.

Webcam and microphone 

Laptop/desktop (please note that you cannot use a tablet or smartphone to sit the exam as you need a full operating system)

Windows 8 (or higher) or MAC OS X (latest and previous releases). Check your operating system

A webcam is required (maximum resolution of 1280 x 720), along with a microphone and audio. Ensure the microphone and camera are allowed in Chrome

Check your microphone works

Check your webcam works

 You must test the same devices that you will be using for the exam

Second device with camera

 Android 4.1+ and iOS 10.0+ smart devices – smartphone or tablet – with a camera are supported.

 Your smartphone will be used for dual-camera monitoring. This will be able to show the test taking environment from multiple angles, as well as recording what’s happening on-screen. This offers an enhanced level of security to ensure the integrity of APM examinations.

 To enable the dual camera monitoring you will be required to download the ProctorExam app to your mobile phone. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS (Apple) devices by searching for ProctorExam.

 When you go to launch your examination, you will be required to scan a QR code to enable the dual camera monitoring and to complete the environment checks.

Please note: Huawei P30, Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016), Alcatel 1 and any Google Pixel phones are not compatible with the app.

Internet speed

 A reliable internet connection is required, as it will be needed for mobile streaming.

 We recommend you use an ethernet cable to ensure a more stable connection or to position yourself as close to the router as possible.

 In addition to this switch off/disconnect any other equipment that uses the same network e.g. games consoles, video streaming.

 We recommend a minimum of 1.5Mbit/s upload, 10Mbit/s download, ping under 25 ms. 

Please note: this is not tested as part of the system checks.

 Tethering to the internet via a mobile phone is not supported.

Please remember that internet and bandwidth speeds can fluctuate.

Test your connection

You can use our broadband tester to find out the current download and upload speed of your internet connection.

Latest version of Google Chrome

 In order to take the examination, you need to use the latest version of Google Chrome so you can run our screen sharing extension. Check your browser

 You will also need to ensure that this is set up as your default internet browser

✓ Allow ProctorExam pop-ups

Check firewalls or security policies with your I.T. Team that might block the exam loading on the day by sharing this briefing sheet. They may need to whitelist the following sites:

Preparation Guidance - Project Fundamentals Qualification

Download guidance

Preparation Guidance - Project Management Qualification

Download guidance

Sample examination papers

To view online sample examination papers you will need to download Surpass Viewer, as the sample papers are generated in Flash content. For further information on how to download Surpass Viewer please click below.

Project Fundamentals Qualification (BoK7) sample paper

Project Management Qualification  (BoK7) sample paper

Frequently asked questions

Please read the FAQs to ensure you understand the system requirements and what is needed for your specific examination.

Read FAQs

Rules and Regulations

Please read our Rules and Regulations that apply to online and remote invigilated exams.

View rules and regulations

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