APM Registered Project Professional application process

The journey to APM Registered Project Professional begins with reviewing the application guidance notes. The application form for the written submission then needs to be completed and submitted to APM via the email address detailed on the form.

How is APM Registered Project Professional assessed?

The assessment process by peer assessors comprises two stages:

  • Written submission – applicants are required to provide a written submission including:
    • an overview of at least two projects, programmes or portfolios to be used as evidence, likely to have been within the last seven years;
    • answers to five sets of questions relating to the projects, programmes or portfolios. These will cover both practical competence and breadth of knowledge. Holders of PPQ or PQ will answer the practical competence questions only;
    • a record of 35 hours continuing professional development (CPD) from the previous 12 months;
    • details of two referees.

Interview – an interview lasting up to one hour focusing on validating and exploring the evidence submitted in the written submission.

RPP - the project professional standard 

RPP 2nd edition pricing

  Stage 1  Stage 2
  Annual RPP registration fee 


Submission assessment Interview
MAPM £67 - Experiential   £370   Face-to-face  £589 
Associate  -
 Non- member*


Holders of PQ or PPQ  £209 Virtual  £402 

*As a non-member, your first payment includes first year subscription at Full member APM Registered Project Professional (RPP MAPM) rate (this proportion of the fee is not subject to VAT). Both the submission assessment and interview are subject to VAT. If you are not a member of APM at application, you will be awarded Full member (MAPM) for a successful written submission.

Should any part of the process need to be repeated, the appropriate fee for that part of the process must be paid at re-submission.

RPP documents 

To help in the preparation of an application to become an APM Registered Project Professional, the following information and materials are available:

The RPP documents and supporting literature are version controlled, please ensure you use the latest versions as part of your application.

Please email rpp@apm.org.uk to request an application form.

Frequently asked questions

Why must I become an APM member when I become APM Registered Project Professional?

Accountability is a key element of the APM FIVE Dimensions of Professionalism. APM Membership confirms your commitment to the APM Code of Professional Conduct.

Are there any time limits regarding the process or reapplying?

Your interview must be completed within one year of your successful submission assessment. There are no time restrictions for reapplying if you are unsuccessful, although you should consider the currency of your submission and CPD, plus any feedback provided with your unsuccessful application.

Who is an appropriate referee for my application?

Please refer to the applicant guidance notes here.

Should I need to cancel or rearrange my interview, is there a cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel more than twenty eight (28) days before your scheduled interview, there is no charge.  If you need to cancel within twenty eight (28) days no refunds are available.

What is the appeals process?

Unsuccessful applicants can appeal on the basis of the assessment process only after their interview. Appeals must be made in writing within 28 days of receiving your results. The decision at the conclusion of the appeals process is final. Further information regarding the appeals process is available from apmrpp@apm.org.uk

When do RPP fees become payable?

The RPP application fee is payable at the two stages of the assessment process. Please see above for full details of pricing. Should any part of the process need to be repeated, the appropriate fee must be paid at that time.

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