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APM Salary and Market Trends survey 2015

APM Salary survey 2015

APM research report

APM’s Salary and Market Trends Survey 2015 was designed to help create vital career development research that will provide project professionals and employers with an overview of the project management profession in terms of salaries, packages and market trends. 

Who is the intended audience?

The research is of interest not only to project professionals but also recruiters, employers and those considering a project management related career.

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Why is it important?

The research will help APM and Wellingtone to continue providing a dedicated service to the project management profession, which includes high quality career development advice and resources for project professionals across all sectors.

Who took part in the research?

2717 respondents took part in the survey throughout January 2015 which comprised both APM members and non-members alike.  Respondents were drawn from a number of backgrounds including project professionals from a wide variety of roles, board members and recruiters. Further participant background information can be found here.

What did you discover?

The research demonstrated that project management is currently mirroring the overall economic growth in the UK, with 70% of participants noting that their organisation is experiencing growth, and a further 47% expecting to recruit additional staff members.  The results highlight the ongoing growth and success of the project management profession, and serve to underline the important role that APM has to play in supporting and enhancing professional practice in every way possible.

The data includes a number of comparisons including some of the below:


  • How do qualifications affect salary?
  • How does membership of a project association affect salary?
  • Membership grade by salary

Contractor market

  • Average day rate
  • Average contract length
  • Contract notice

Market confidence

  • How do you anticipate the next 12 months?
  • How likely are you to change employer in the next 12 months?
  • How would you best describe your organisational growth?

What are the main challenges?

For APM the main challenge was not having undertaken a Salary and Market Trends study such as this previously, although we were hugely encouraged by the participation rate.

For the project profession one of the main challenges for the near future is the disparity in pay between male and female project professionals, which is particularly acute in the higher salary bands.  For example, 6% of males earned £100,000 compared to only 1% of females.

Where can I read more?


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