FIVE Dimensions of Professionalism

Project managementThe Association for Project Management supports professional values. The FIVE Dimensions of Professionalism provide a framework that helps you develop your career.

The APM Body of Knowledge defines the knowledge needed to manage any kind of project. It underpins many project management standards and methods including the National Occupational Standards in Project Management.

The APM Competence Framework provides a guide to project management competences. It is part of your professional toolkit; mapping levels of knowledge and experience to help you progress your skills and abilities.

APM qualifications take your career in new and exciting directions. They are recognised across the profession and aligned with IPMA’s 4 level Certification Program.

Continuing Professional Development helps develop your project management practice. A targeted development plan will enhance your project management career.

The APM Code of Professional Conduct outlines the ethical practice expected of a professional. Becoming an APM member shows your commitment to the Code and sets you apart from others.

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