APM Research Fund

The APM Research Fund has been established within the Research Programme to provide funding for small-scale research projects or to provide seed funding for larger research projects.

How can APM and the APM Research Fund help me?

In addition to funding, APM can help provide access to data and research participants through access to its corporate members, amongst others, who wish to be involved in cutting edge research activities. By providing a platform for research at its events, publications and journals and through the use of its media channels, APM can aid researchers with disseminating findings and help measure the impact of their work.

How much funding is available and who is eligible?

Applications and proposals are open to individuals (academics, students, the APM volunteer community and practitioners) and organisations, including APM Specific Interest Groups and Branches. The directed study on “International ethics: projects across boundaries” (see point 9 of the ‘Criteria and guidance’ document for details) is also open to non-UK resident academics and researchers. This is the only study open for non-UK residents in 2019.

Both individual and collaborative proposals are welcomed.

What should the research proposal contain and what themes should it address?

APM’s research themes and priorities for 2019 are:

  • Digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence and big data in projects
  • International ethics: projects across boundaries – this study is also open to non-UK residents

One study in each of these themes will be funded.

Other themes will also be considered for funding and applicants are encouraged to put forward innovative topics which will support the future delivery of projects and which address current challenges.

The above themes directly support the APM strategy.  The research should outline the key question or issue it is trying to address. 

Proposals should be succinct (no more than 1500 words) in MS Word or PDF formats and should seek to address the judging criteria which is set out in the guidance notes below.

For more information please download the APM Research Fund Guidance Notes.


For more information regarding APM research, please contact APM research manager Daniel Nicholls

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