Technology Project of the Year Award 2021

Our highly sought-after project of the year categories are designed to recognise project excellence, both in delivery and outcomes. There are four project of the year award categories, representing different types of projects. The winners of each of these awards are entered into the prestigious overall project of the year category, of which there is one winner 

The technology project of the year award is given to the team whose project demonstrates the most effective use of project management and the greatest benefits and outcomes to end users in technology and communication projects.   

We require entrants to all project of the year categories to produce a submission of up to 3,000 words detailing how they have met the judging criteria for that category. Entrants may also submit up to four supporting imageor graphics only (no text apart from captions). Video and audio is not accepted as part of the submission. 

The project of the year categories consist of two stages, the first stage is the written submission mentioned above and the second stage requires all finalists to present virtually to a panel of judges. Projects from all sectors, and from across the globe, may apply. 

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PROJECT: 5G Mobile Private Network (MPN) Project     
ENTERED BY: Centrica Storage Limited

Partnering with Vodafone Business (VF) in 2018, Centrica Storage (CSL) began the journey to install a 4GLTE/5G Ready Mobile Private Network (MPN) on a live gas processing site; a technological first for the UK. Like many UK based gas processing sites, Easington terminal located in East Yorkshire, has been relatively untouched by way of technological advancements in the last 54 years. The project provides a vision and facilitates a way forward for the Asset of the Future - with three main aims; increasing safety and efficiency and reducing risk.


PROJECT: Project Green     
ENTERED BY: Deloitte

Story of Deloitte's joint governance of an ambitious project to help a start-up fintech firm design and build a credit card business in 18 months, to which its acquired portfolio of 700k customers and their data could then be migrated. The firm used cutting-edge technology and cadre of international suppliers to create a digital-first customer experience and operational model, standing up three new offices to support finance and card servicing. The complexity of testing, risks and COVID-19 necessitated several governance and business model innovations to maintain the migration timeline, which was completed successfully in October 2020. 


PROJECT: Introducing AI into the teleradiology workflow 
ENTERED BY: Medica Reporting Ltd.

As the market leader in UK teleradiology, with turnaround times of less than 25 minutes for acute reporting, Medica wished to use technical innovation to further improve service and to support the clinical reporting process. The project’s aim was to deploy the qER algorithm, a CT Head product which analyses non contrast studies, flags up possible abnormalities and gives a worklist prioritisation output. This enables us to make critical allocation decisions relating to intracranial haemorrhage, speeding up turnaround times and improving clinical outputs for patients. The project was successful and qER went live within our production workflow in December 2020.


PROJECT: Establishing New Data-Driven Situational Awareness Capability for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government 
ENTERED BY: PA Consulting 

PA Consulting’s project to build a new data-driven situational awareness capability for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. We combined project management and analytics expertise to deliver a scalable and adaptable capability to manage the response to current and future challenges and developed a set of analytic products to give first responders and Ministers the information needed to manage the response to Covid-19, EU exit and severe weather events. We also brought modern techniques including natural language processing and social media analytics to enable early detection of emergencies.


PROJECT: Sur-i: the Surrey Schools Admissions Digital Assistant 
ENTERED BY: Surrey County Council  

Sur-i, the Digital Assistant (Chatbot), is Surrey County Council (SCC)’s dynamic response to the challenges of providing information about schools admissions efficiently, delivered against an environment of shrinking budgets, increasing enquiries and the Covid-19 pandemic and it has transformed residents’ ability to gain access to information at any time and especially outside traditional office hours. Sur-i was delivered sustainably with re-usable and shareable components, ensuring the value focus remained on residents. Our solution can be replicated across similar customer enquiry settings through its reusable AI framework, components and libraries. Sur-i symbolises SCC’s new, solutions-oriented, resident- and community focused way of working. 

Credited: Matt Scott 


PROJECT: Leakage Convergence 
ENTERED BY: Yorkshire Water  

Yorkshire Water operate in a regulated framework. Ofwat, the Regulator of the water sector, required every water company to report water leakage using a new consistent methodology from April 2020. This project successfully implemented the transition, achieving success criteria in terms of time, quality of the deliverables, costs and realisation of benefits. In fact, Yorkshire Water was the first Water company to implement the required software upgrade, in addition to introducing new functionality to speed up leakage detection and prioritisation. The process of migrating from the old methodology to the new one was called ‘convergence’. 

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