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Wed 5 June 🕐 11:15-12:00 | Tackle Big Topics Stream

Understanding employment challenges in the profession

The value of the project profession in driving economic, societal and environmental change shouldn't be underestimated. But according to the latest APM Salary Survey, 61% of respondents concede fears that the shortage of skilled project professionals will result in projects not being delivered successfully.

When it comes to recruiting for future projects, the risk is heightened, with 67% expressing concern. What causes this?

This session will unpack this complex issue with an aim to provide the project community an informed position from which to create solutions.

Audiences can expect to understand the 'what next' following key findings from the APM-PWC study The Golden Thread (to be announced in April 2024) as well as topics including the megaproject effect and regional and sector variations.

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