APM Project Management Conference 2017 

APM, the Chartered body for the project profession, presents it's award-winning Project Management Conference, sponsored by 20|20 Business Insight. The APM conference has a long-held reputation for bringing together the world’s most influential and thought-provoking speakers from your profession.

Theme: Making the mould – Transform, diversify, revolutionise

The world is in a constant state of accelerating change. The ways we embrace and manage that change must constantly evolve to meet new demands. Building a world-class profession in a constantly changing world means challenging norms and thinking, breaking and then re-making the mould, reinventing project management for a new generation.

The APM Project Management Conference 2017 will leave no assumption unchallenged, providing an insight into the future of our profession; the people, the practices and the projects and how they will transform the world we live in and the way we work.


Barbican, Silk St, London EC2Y 8DS


Thursday 27 April 2017 


Discounted rates available for groups of four or more available, save up to £258pp.

For group bookings call 01844 271681 or email conference@apm.org.uk

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Featured speaker - Rt Hon Michael Portillo

The former MP and cabinet minister Michael Portillo is now firmly established as a popular broadcaster and political commentator. Alongside television series on Spain, rail travel around Britain and Europe, and the natural world, he shares the sofa for a sardonic look at politics on This Week and weighs up ethical dilemmas on Radio 4’s The Moral Maze. Michael began his career in the Conservative Party research department, developing policies for reducing the role of the state. He then became an advisor to the Secretary of State for Energy, working on privatisation schemes in oil, gas, electricity and coal.




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Drinks reception - Royal Charter celebration

Following the announcement in January that APM has been awarded a Royal Charter on behalf of the project management profession, the APM Project Management Conference will hold a celebratory drinks reception in the Stalls Foyer, Level one at the Barbican, from 17:10 to 18:10.

This will offer attendees the opportunity to network with the leaders of the profession immediately after the conference.

Why not join us for this historic event to learn about the future of your profession and your professional body? We'd love to see you there!


New Generation (sponsored by Jacobs)

We are in the middle of a digital revolution with new technology enabling us to deliver increasingly complex and interrelated projects, to work in different ways and to engage with a broader spectrum of users.  But, are we ready to embrace this change? How will our skills need to adapt to use technology to enable human relationships rather than replace them? Are our current commercial and financial models sufficient to support new technologies where the lines between project roles blur? How will the workforce gain the skills needed in an ever-changing landscape? This stream will explore how we may work in the future. 

New Projects

As projects increase in complexity and scale with expectations changing, the way we deliver projects will change. We can gain an insight into what future projects will look like by looking beyond project management’s traditional heartlands – where failure can mean success, where uncertainty is an acceptable norm and where planning and control are sacrificed for benefits and change. This stream will help us understand how to manage ‘known unknowns’ by looking at the challenges, opportunities and new ways in which we must embrace and manage change.

New Practice (sponsored by Planview)

Both in government and industry, the ambition and scale of the largest projects continue to grow apace, alongside their social impact. Delivering projects in this context requires collaborative and co-creative ways of working; methods for accommodating constantly shifting stakeholder perceptions of need and value; and consistent models for projecting requirements and benefits far into an unknown future. Embracing these ideas changes the way we deliver projects. This stream explores the implications of these changes on how we work and the future capabilities of our project teams.


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“ A lively event with a great atmosphere. The content was spot on. Well done APM. ”

“ A day full of fantastic opportunity, insight and debate not to be missed. ”

“ World Class – a feather in the cap for UK project management. ”

“ One of the best opportunities to reflect on what is happening in the profession and where it might be going.”

“ Sets a standard for other conferences to match. ”

The award-winning APM Conference has the status as one of the most engaging and relevant events of the year.

Benefits of attending include:

  • Influential speakers sharing thought leadership so you can stay up to date with the latest techniques for successful project delivery.
  • Interactive sessions so you can leave the conference with all your vital project management questions answered.
  • Multiple streams ensuring a rich choice of session making the event relevant to your industry.
  • Networking with the most senior figures in the profession will help raise your profile and develop your career.
  • Earn up to eight hours of CPD which equates to nearly a quarter of your expected professional development for the year.
  • Exhibition with leading organisations giving you the opportunity to discover how the latest products and services can generate a competitive advantage for your business.

Conference 2016 

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