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Thu 6 June 🕐 10:45-11:30 | Tackle Big Topics Stream

Digital Transformation in Project Management: Navigating the AI Economy

This session will discuss initial findings from a collaborative research initiative between the Advanced Project Management Research Centre (APROM) and the Association for Project Management (APM) aiming to explore the profound effects of digital transformation on project management practices in both the public and private sectors.

The central research question is: How does digital transformation impact the methods and skills essential for project management?

The objective is to deliver data-driven insights and evidence-backed recommendations that will assist professionals, organisations, and educational institutions in addressing the challenges and capitalising on the opportunities that digital transformation presents in the realm of project management.

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Dr Nicholas Dacre, Director of the Advanced Project Management Research Centre (APROM)

Dr David Baxter, Associate Professor of Innovation in Southampton Business School

Dr Hao Dong, Director of Strategy & Collaboration (APROM), University of Southampton

Dr Al-Mhdawi, Assistant Professor in Engineering Project Management, Teesside University

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