Ewelina KrukEwelina Kruk

Associate Director, Incendium, ChPP

Ewelina Kruk is a Chartered Project Professional who began her employment journey at the age of 17. Between day one and the present Ewelina has re-invented her career. She made a jump between disciplines with the most significant shift from Retail to Construction sector under the cloud of an on-going recession at the time. How? By following the self-set, researched, and observation based employability and marketability rules at the heart of which sits one fundamental objective: making the dream happen. 

Ewelina is a passionate advocate of best practices, progressive project thinking, diversity in all aspects of project delivery. 

Her career in project management and construction began in 2013 and within 7 years Ewelina grew from an Assistant Project Manager to a Chartered Programme Manager delivering increasingly complex and geographically disbursed schemes. Her personal mission is focusing on challenging the norm and the status Quo taking a closer look on how projects are being delivered in all their aspects. 

Ewelina has first-hand experience of beinga newcomer in a technically driven industry where she questionedcommonmodels always looking to provoke difficultconversations in order to embrace new ways of thinking. Now keen to continue theconversation on a wider forum so that the insights and learnings from her own and other’s journeys can support all those inspired wanting to make a difference.  

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