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Kay SaundersKay Sanders

CEO, CITI Limited

As CEO of CITI Limited and CITI Virtual Learning, Kalpna (Kay) Sanders has grown the business to not only be a challenger, an education provider and niche consultancy, but by focusing further on value added services, business critical support and leadership driven interventions, CITI’s professional project enablement portfolio delivers with an ethical, sustainable and social conscious ethos at the forefront of everything they do.

Kay is passionate about empowering people to achieve their full potential and think outside of the norm, her passion for encouraging inclusion, understanding difference and embracing change supports new thinking and creates the formation of professional communities that support creativity yet appreciate tradition.

As an Occupational Psychologist, Kay understands the strength of fusing PPM and Change with commercially savvy leadership who make safe business and project decisions to achieve organisational strategic goals. Kay hosted the Women in Engineering Society Centenary Year Celebration in 2019 at Sellafield, frequently hosts the CITI Centres of Excellence Clubs (CofEe Clubs) and has spoken at various conferences over the years.

Kay has an outstanding reputation within the learning and development community with over 20 years’ experience working with organisations and their leaders to support the complexity of balancing behavioural risk, change and capability development, Kay brings a wealth of global experience and understanding of how organisations operate, sub-cultural differences within companies and how to adapt to changing demands. Socially conscious projects, sustainability and diversity make CITI a DDO (Deliberately Developmental Organisation) under Kay’s lead.