A P3O? What's wrong with my Project Support Office?

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The issue is – organisations don’t always manage their portfolio using recognised portfolio management processes or roles. A PMO is often ‘delivery’ focused and not always a high level corporate body. There is often a gap between strategy and the delivery of change.  Could a traditional PMO step up to fill that gap?
I think the answer is ‘yes – but…’ (brace yourself for sweeping generalisations)
Portfolio management is maturing as a discipline which organisations need to adopt TOP DOWN, while PMO services have often evolved, and PMOs often arise all over a business, in a typically BOTTOM UP fashion.

PMOs can be pulled together and rationalised, then extended to support Portfolio Management – but Portfolio Offices cannot however, be just ‘plopped’ on top of a dysfunctional P3M ecology and be expected to produce portfolio management out of a hat. A considered change programme, not a meandering evolution, is the answer, and EPM tools are an essential component of the prioritisation, delivery and governance ‘solution’ if you want to keep what hair you have left.
Has anyone experience of throwing a few sixes and getting quick and dirty to work? Please can you let me know your ideal lottery numbers?

I’ve just done a web cast discussion on this subject, and had quite a number of people sign on for the session.


Posted by David Dunning on 16th Feb 2012

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David Dunning is a member of the Portfolio Management SIG and has provided presentations around the subject of Portfolio Management for Thames Valley and South West / Wales APM Chapters.

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