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Rebecca Vine Rebecca Vine
Dr Rebecca Vine

Rethinking capabilities in projects

Fostering the right balance of capabilities is becoming more complicated as we enter a period of pandemic recovery and growth.

Jo Owen Jo Owen
Jo Owen

Why we might all learn to love commuting again

Is it possible to fall in love with commuting again, now that we are starting to return to the office? If you are reading this on a crowded tube while trying to avoid a stranger’s armpits, the answer is probably ‘no’.

Oliver Cowey Oliver Cowey
Oliver Cowey

Have you got control of your controls?

Why control a project? Projects are simple aren’t they? Have a plan, stick to the plan, achieve the plan… what’s hard about that…? Well how long have you got? Projects have been around for as long as we as a human race have been thinking up new ways to better our environments; from the great pyramids of Egypt, to man setting foot on the moon, these ground-breaking endeavours are some examples of mankind’s greatest projects.

Carol Rayner.jpg Carol Rayner.jpg
Carol Rayner

Reflections on CPD

What is CPD reflection? Reflective practice is the process by which you analyse your continuing professional development (CPD) activities.