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Help, I've just implemented governance!

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Part4 of a farce in 6 parts. Why not help 'David' by posting your answers below?

Dear all,

Well, Im really into this now, but Im starting to wonder about the bigger picture. Ive just gone and set up some really smart protocols for how we scrutinise our projects on start-up and closure. We did it for really good reasons. We had all kinds of projects kicking off burning goodness knows how much resource, and I could never really put my finger on what they produced.

Unfortunately, all that seems to have happened is that weve spent a lot on someone to set up review meetings, weve delayed all kinds of things that should have started sooner, and were still trying to do too much and not really satisfying everyone but at least we know that all the smaller projects have been getting really good review time.

Im getting all kinds of stick for doing what I thought was the right thing. Help - Where did I go wrong?

Yours Etc

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  1. Peter Duxbury
    Peter Duxbury 08 April 2013, 08:44 PM

    DavidSounds very familiar.  Those giving the stick are probably having their pet projects delayed !  Get ahead of the curve and pick your fights on those projects prioritised for highest value - then demonstrate some KPIs on strategic benefits vs. effectiveness of resourcing.  Don't waste energy on the small, low value projects.  Try Evolution in an environment which hasn't yet exposed pet projects.  Focus on tangible results in selected areas not just governance as an end in itself.Peter

  2. David Dunning
    David Dunning 08 April 2013, 06:16 PM

    Dear all,I've had time today to reflect on what I've done, and I think it is just that we have our priorities all wrong.I now know what I have to do tomorrow.Yours etc,David