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Latest from the APM Assurance SIG

As previously stated in an earlier Blog entry, the work of the SIG is organised as a programme of work stream projects, with the core management team (or committee) acting as a programme board. We've got the following five work streams up and running

  • Integrated assurance (producing guidance for organisations wanting to achieve a more coordinated and collaborative assurance regime)
  • Assurance definitions (coming up with a consistent set of definitions of assurance-related terms)
  • Project auditing (producing guidance on how to efficiently and effectively audit projects)
  • Measures for assuring projects (developing methods for generating assurance without intrusive reviews)
  • Establishing a 'Knowledgebase' (implementing a one-stop-shop for assurance-related information).

As well as being the programme manager for the Assurance SIG, I also lead the Assurance Definitions work-stream (coming up with a consistent set of definitions of assurance-related terms). The work-stream produced a white paper in quarter four of 2009 which was reviewed widely. During the recent reviews of the APM Body of Knowledge, 6th Edition, we have included new and recommended amendments into the APM Glossary of Terms.

The Definitions work-stream continues to work closely with the other work-streams within the Assurance SIG and is developing a stand-alone consistent set of definitions of assurance-related terms.

If you have any queries or want to get involved, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us directly or add a comment below.


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